Adventure News

August 2011



November 15th date set for episodic dinosaur debut

T-Rex's eating people? Check. Veliciraptors pack hunting? Yep. Stampeding Triceratops? You bet! The new trailer from Telltale has everything dino fans could hope for, including a release date for Jurassic Park: The Game.

In a departure from Telltale's previous traditional adventure games, Jurassic Park promises to be more of an interactive cinematic experience. Gameplay is split up between multiple playable characters, with “exploration” and “action” modes requiring key input from players to help shape the story in crucial ways. Some of those decisions will be life or death, and the latest trailer gives a good idea why. The dinosaurs on Isla Nubar are loose and on the prowl, and don't take too kindly to sharing their territory with meddling humans.

Along with offering a few action-packed scenes from the upcoming series, the trailer also reveals November 15th as the first episode's launch date. The game is currently in production for PC, Mac, and as-yet undisclosed consoles.

For more details about Jurassic Park, be sure to check out our preview of the game.



Video offers first live glimpse of spin-off sequel to So Blonde due late this year

Blondes may have more fun, but from the looks of the first trailer for Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle, brunette female pirates can have a pretty good time, too.

This spin-off title from So Blonde is once again written by Steven Ince but this time stars Morgane Castillo, telling the tale of "the young daughter of the renowned Pirate Alessandro Castillo and how she grows up to become the most fearsome pirate of the Caribbean and her exciting journey to discover the mysterious treasure of the Golden Turtle."

The first trailer introduces the young Morgane as she undertakes her first tasks in becoming a ship captain. Finding both a crew and cargo to transport naturally involves plenty of swordfighting, kicking, and head-butting, and the adventure really escalates when the merchant Thomas Briscoe charters her boat to search for a legendary golden artifact he's been obsessed with for a decade.

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is currently in cross-platform development for PC, PlayStation 3, Wii and DS. No firm release date has yet been revealed, but the game is due for launch some time later this year. Stay tuned for more about this game in the coming weeks, as Adventure Gamers reports our first-hand impressions from the recent gamescom.



Second installment of Badge of Carnage launches today on PC, Mac, and iOS

Detective Inspector Hector is back, and he's bigger and badder than ever in today's release of Senseless Acts of Justice, the second episode of Hector: Badge of Carnage. And for Hector, that's saying a lot (especially the "bigger" part).

After reluctantly performing good deeds at the bequest of a hostage taker in Episode 1, Hector finds himself staring down the wrong end of a sniper rifle when the new game begins. After blasting his way through that little predicament, the slovenly "fat arse of the law" must "hunt down a psychopath, all while he’s pulled down a twisted trail of meat, sin, sleaze and... more meat." This time around, players will also control Hector's hapless partner Lambert at times.

Unlike We Negotiate With Terrorists, the new game is offered for PC and Mac only as part as a full season purchase price. Available for $19.99 from Telltale's website, the good news for fans who already ordered the first episode is that an additional $9.99 will give you full access to both Senseless Acts of Justice and the upcoming third episode due next month. Alternatively, the new episode is available as a standalone title at the App Store for $6.99 on iPad, or $4.99 on iPhone. The first episode is also available, currently offered at a discounted sale price until September 1st.

If you missed Hector's lewd, crude, and eminently rude first adventure, check out our review of the game for full details.



Third installment of surreal adventure now available on iOS and Mac

The first two episodes of the surreal 1112 series have raised more questions than they've answered, and now we'll see if any of those issues are resolved with the recent release of Episode 3 on iOS platforms and Mac.

The latest episode once again follows protagonist Louis Everett, whose peaceful life has been interrupted by constant headaches and strange dreams, followed by a mysterious trip to New York in the previous two episodes. This time around, Louis finds himself back in Jalonsville, New Jersey by way of an "enigmatic passageway", but rather than life returning to normal, "our hero begins to stagger into madness. Can you help him regain a foothold in reality?"

1112: Episode 3 is available through the App Store for $4.99 on iPhone or $7.99 on iPad in HD. The previous installments are available there as well for identical prices.



Bloody new video available for upcoming horror adventure from Downfall creator

There's plenty of blood shed in Harvester Games' The Cat Lady, but as the latest trailer reveals, this ain't no cat fight.

The new game from the indie creator of Downfall promises to be every bit as gory and horrific as its predecessor. In The Cat Lady, Susan Ashworth attempts suicide but is revived, ripped from the dreamlike world she'd gone to on the edge of life of death. Determined to make good on her second chance at life, unfortunately for Susan something evil came with her from the netherworld. Placed under Suicide Watch, five people are about to come into Susan's life, one of whom has only the cruelest of intentions to hurt her.

The new video offers a live (more or less) in-game glimpse of The Cat Lady as Susan interrupts a monstrous creature dressed like a nurse, brutally buthering something on a table. When noticed, the nurse comes after Susan with malicious intent, and as she draws ever closer... well, let's just say that this video is not for the young or squeamish.

There is still no firm release date for The Cat Lady, but the game is currently projected for release sometime later this year.



Gamescom heralds Y: The Case of John Yesterday, The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura and Wychwood Hollow

They say good things come in threes, and that was true this year at gamescom, as a trio of new adventures were announced in the form of Y: The Case of John Yesterday by Pendulo Studios, The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura by Cranberry Production, and Wychwood Hollow by Shadow Tor Studios.

Y: The Case of John Yesterday

The new game from Pendulo is a much darker offering than fans of Runaway and The Next BIG Thing have come to expect. Aimed at a mature audience this time, Y: The Case of John Yesterday is a rather dark horror/mystery thriller set in New York City, where homeless people are being burned alive while a mysterious scar shaped like the letter 'Y' forms on the hands of seemingly disconnected people. Amnesiac John Yesterday has had his memory wiped, but now finds himself at the center of a worldwide conspiracy, and the fate of all mankind may just depend on this unlikeliest of heroes.

The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura

The dark new game from dtp's internal Cranberry Production is set during the Inquisition. In The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura, players assume the role of a young inventor named Feodor, who is building a flying machine with his brother in Barcelona. But his brother is soon snatched away by the Inquisition, and Feodor is left alone to travel through several countries and experience diverse cultures in order to answer the question of what unfathomable mysteries are hidden in Zerzura.




Wychwood Hollow

It's not enough to wait out the anticipation of one Matt Clark game. With the announcement of Wychwood Hollow, now supernatural mystery fans have a second game to look forward to, along with the upcoming Bracken Tor. Very little has yet been revealed about the new game, other than that it's linked to a village with a terrible, witch-burning past. For a brief but intense glimpse of the new title, click around the teaser site for a series of atmospheric live-action teasers.

Adventure Gamers got a first-hand look at all three games at gamescom, so stay tuned for follow-up coverage on each in the coming weeks.



First adventure videos emerge from German gaming conference

Another convention, another six thousand or so new videos! Well, not quite, but they'll soon add up before all is said and done. With gamescom being held in Germany this week, the trailers have started rolling out en masse. First up are Secret Files 3 and Lucius, with more still to come.

Secret Files 3

Nina and Max are back for a third adventure, this time ready to face their biggest challenge yet: marriage. But trouble follows this pair wherever they go, and as the first teaser for the new game suggests, once again they'll soon be up to their necks in bad buys, explosions, shadowy characters and all-around mayhem. Not that adventure gamers would have it any other way.


You can hold off the devil for a while, but he's coming nonetheless in Lucius. The game that puts you in the six-year old shoes of the titular son on Satan has been pushed back to early 2012, but the new trailer offers a more in-depth look at the evil awaiting when it finally arrives. Lucius is "equipped with supernatural powers, Lucius starts off to a blood-flooding tour of horror through his house, using hell's powers of telekinesis and mind control to orchestrate deadly accidents that will minimize the population of the manor one by one by one..."



Playable sampler for indie sci-fi adventure available for download

Just a few weeks after the announcement of Eko: Strange New World, now a playable demo of the episodic sci-fi indie adventure has touched down.

Or maybe that should read "crash landed", as the game puts players in the role of a little alien mechanic who is repairing a spaceship when he is inadvertently catapulted into outer space. Managing to land the damaged craft on a bizarre planet, now he must converse with the diverse inhabitants and solve puzzles to acquire the ship parts he needs to escape.

The 74 MB demo can be found at the official website and takes place right at the start of the game, thrusting you right into the action. While some parts are plainly visible and easy to find, others are going to be quite a bit more work, as you must first convince the the locals in and around the town bar to help you out, naturally providing favours in return.

The first of three planned Eko episodes is currently scheduled for release some time later this month.



New video offers in-game exploration footage of upcoming thriller

If you've ever wondered what the inside of an asylum looked like but aren't (yet) crazy enough to find out for yourself, now you can with today's release of a new Asylum trailer from Senscape.

In the new game by Agustin Cordes, the co-creator of Scratches, players control a former patient of the Hanwell Mental Institute. It's been years since you left the asylum, vowing never to return to that "despicable place filled with hatred and pain", but now you've begun to experience blackouts and disturbing hallucinations that are clearly linked to the institution and "growing in complexity and threatening your sanity. Again."

Only by returning to Hanwell can you hope to find peace, but once you arrive, "decay surrounds you, dread around every corner. You feel imprisoned while traversing the endless hallways, yet you must keep striving to reach the truth. With every step you take, a dark menacing presence draws nearer. Unimaginable atrocities occurred between these walls..." The new video displays several of the asylum's haunting environs, shown live through the game's engine for a first-hand experience of what players can expect in the final game.

There's still no firm details on when the Hanwell doors will be thrown open to the gaming public, so this teaser will have to tide us all over a little while longer.



Lace Mamba Global to publish long-awaited fantasy adventure

The good news just keeps coming for The Book of Unwritten Tales these days, as Lace Mamba Global has just announced its plans to publish the game in the UK this fall.

After several aborted publishing attempts put the English-language future of this game in jeopardy, adventure fans were recently delighted to hear that the developers, KING Art Games, had re-acquired the rights to the game and planned to bring The Book of Unwritten Tales to market at long last. The "how" becomes partially clearer today, as Lace Mamba Global will be distributing the boxed version of the game in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scandinavia, the Benelux countries and additional European territories.

Set in a wartorn land, this comic fantasy adventure stars four playable characters, including Wilbur the gnome, Ivo the elf princess, Nate the human, and Critter, the... well, the purple critter who devotedly follows Nate around. Each has an integral part to play in this unlikely team, who join forces to defeat the best agents of the evil Army of the Shadows as they attempt to discover the dark secrets of a terrible artifact that controls the very fate of the world.

No firm release date has yet been announced, but for more details about The Book of Unwritten Tales, be sure to drop by the official website.



Latest installment of Chris Tolworthy's ongoing literary adaptaions now available

It takes a while to plot revenge. That's true not only of Edmund Dantes, but Chris Tolworthy as well, the indie developer who took extra time to upgrade his ongoing Enter the Story series for the latest release of The Count of Monte Cristo.

The famed work by Alexandre Dumas tells the story of Dantes, a young man who has everything he could ever want, only to see it ripped away from him with no explanation as he's cast into the most notorious jail in France. Just as he's about to despair of all hope, he meets a fellow prisoner who helps him find a reason to live: a buried treasure and revenge on the men who wronged him.

Why the year-long wait since the previous series installment, A Tale of Two Cities? After the first four episodes, Tolworthy decided it was time to streamline the game in several notable ways, including easier controls, a single playable character, faster story progression with less backtracking, and additional help. It's not all "less is more", however, as for the first time the developer has added the option to read the complete text of the original novel from within the game.

For those only interested in the latest release, The Count of Monte Cristo is available as a standalone downloadable episode for $7.99 exclusively from the official website, where a playable demo can also be found. Alternatively, as with all previous series installments, the new episode is also offered as part of the Enter the Story complete bundle for $14.99, which covers all five current games and any future offerings, of which a staggering 100 are planned all told.

Next up: Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.



Trailer heralds downloadable launch of 2D sci-fi comic adventure

There's plenty of reason for sci-fi fans to be happy these days, and one of them is the release of Space Madness, the debut adventure from German studio Spreadcamp.

Space Madness puts players in the shoes (or would, if he had any) of a yellow, rectangle-shaped mutant named Ed, one of the many failed experiments of mad scientist Professor Marty. The professor is attempting to clone himself, and he casts his unsuccessful creations onto a desert planet afterwards. Here Ed not only finds other mutants like himself, but also learns that "the latest experiments from Professor Marty are endangering the entire Universe. So surely, he has to be stopped! It's up to the player now to find a way to get back to the space ship and stop him."

As the game's launch trailer clearly shows, Space Madness is designed in a bright, stylish comic cartoon style with hand-drawn animations. According to the developer, Ed's adventure is a fairly short one, offering anywhere from 2-4 hours of game time and intended both for genre newcomers and those who'd like a lighthearted break between longer games.

Space Madness is available for download now, DRM free, directly from the official website, with an option to order a backup disc version for an additional cost. The game's regular price will be $9.95, but is currently being sold for 50% off for a limited time.



Sex, Lies and Class Work now available as the first of five downloadable installments

A heavy week of new indie releases kicks off with Gato Salvaje's Sex, Lies and Class Work, the first episode of a new point-and-click series called AR-K.


AR-K follows the story of a young journalism student named Alicia, who lives in what she believes is a Utopian society. But after discovering a mysterious object that leads to a series of unexpected events, Alicia becomes caught up in a "complicated web of research which reveals that the world she lives in is not what it seems to be."

According to the developer, this series of both "intrigue and comedy" will include five episodes in total, with a projected development time of three months between installments. Sex, Lies and Class Work costs 5.95€ and is available for downloadable purchase exclusively from the official website

A playable demo is also available, introducing you to Alicia and her dog Ambar and taking you on the early portion of the adventure, as the heroine wakes up hungover with little memory from a night of wild partying. (Note: the file extraction instructions are in Spanish, but the demo is fully playable in English).