Adventure News

March 2011



Video offers behind-the-scenes look and additional in-game footage

With its release date charging fast, Telltale Games, recently released a new trailer that gives a behind-the-scenes look at their latest episodic adventure, Jurassic Park.

The upcoming series takes place inside the same fabled island sanctuary that served as the setting for the original book and film. True to the source, players will enter a gentle paradise that is home to a variety of prehistoric plants and dinosaur species, but events take a quick and dark turn as the tentative grasp the caretakers have on the terrible lizards slips and the beasts are soon free to roam—and to feed. Controlling multiple characters throughout the game, players will guide a group of survivors to safety while avoiding various island hazards and the gullet of a hungry T. Rex.

The latest trailer not only includes significant new in-game footage, it goes beyond the protective barrier to talk about the team's fondness for the franchise and how the tone and pacing of Steven Spielberg's classic films influenced their interactive take. Since this is a new tale set in a well-trod universe, the team sought to include features that would help distinguish their game from everything that had come before. This not only meant new human characters, but a dinosaur new to the world of Jurassic Park.

We took an early look at Jurassic Park: The Game last month, but this video will have to tide us over until the first episode kicks off in April.



Season hits midway point in an alternate version of 1986 Hill Valley

It's that time again (and again and again). Telltale's Back to the Future reaches the midway point of the season with today's release of Episode 3 – Citizen Brown for PC and Mac.

In this episode, Marty has finally made it back to 1986 Hill Valley, but it's much a different place than he remembers. The world is now ruled by the mystererious 'First Citizen Brown', who looks and sounds suspiciously like a creepy version of Doc. As fate would have it, the first person Marty meets on his crash-landing arrival is his girlfriend Jennifer (voiced by Claudia Wells, the voice actress from the original Back to the Future movie). Any hopes he has of a happy reunion are soon dashed, however, as this hair-dyed, rebellious punker Jennifer wants nothing to do with everyone's favourite red-vested, time traveling "square".

Citizen Brown is available only as part of a full-season purchase from the official website and other participating portals. The PC and Mac versions are ready for download now, while the PlayStation version is expected soon, with an iPad version to follow later.



Czech developer unveils two new projects now in development

It's been a while since we've heard much from Amanita Design, but in this case silence is golden, as the Czech developer has clearly been working hard behind the scenes. The creator of Machinarium has recently announced production on not one but two new adventures, Botanicula and Samorost 3.


Botanicula is about five tiny tree critters who begin a quest to save the last seed when their treehouse is invaded by parasites. The "simple" point-and-click game is led by Amanita's animator Jara Plachy and will be a mid-sized project that falls somewhere between Samorost 2 and Machinarium. The first screenshots unveiled demonstrate once again the studio's uniquely surreal glimpse into the natural world. According to Amanita founder Jakub Dvorsky, production of Botanicula is about half-finished, currently on course for release late this year or early in 2012.




Samorost 3

Perhaps even more exciting, but further off in the distance, is Samorost 3, the latest sequel to the acclaimed Flash-based series. While the previous two games have been short, browser-based adventures (the first being entirely free), Dvorsky promises that the new game will be "full-sized game with full-HD graphics." Few details about the game have yet been revealed, but the designers are aiming for a more accessible game than Machinarium and a much higher level of sophistication this time around, more like an "interactive toy" than a traditional game. There will still be a main quest, but when finished, players will be encouraged to continue exploring the Samorost universe looking for additional Easter Eggs.

Production on Samorost 3 has only recently begun, and the developers aren't yet venturing a likely release target at this point, but given the scope of the project, we can expect wait a fair while for this one. To help pass the time, however, Amanita will be releasing Osada, a free "interactive music video", which will be launched soon on the studio's website.



Futuristic sci-fi adventure gets subtitled English release three years after German debut

Somewhere along the way, Goin' Downtown took a wrong turn. It's been three years since the German release of Silver Style's futuristic sci-fi adventure, and only now is it getting its English-language release at The Adventure Shop.

Goin' Downtown casts players in the role of a police officer named Jake in the year 2072. Frustrated in his job, Jake stumbles across an unconscious woman one morning as he's walking through his neighbourhood. Though incredibly beautiful, the young woman has has lost her memory, beginning an adventure in which Jake discovers that he can be a real hero and that true love can save lives.

The voice acting in Goin' Downtown remains in German, but the downloadable version at The Adventure Shop contains full English subtitles. The game is selling at a budget price of only $9.99 / €9.99.

Note: Adventure Gamers is an Adventure Shop affiliate.



Video teaser heralds new puzzle-based murder mystery from Lexis Numérique

Remember Lexis Numérique? It's been a while since we last heard from the French studio behind such unique, progressive adventures as In Memoriam / MISSING and Experience112 / The Experiment, but that will change this spring with the release of Red Johnson's Chronicles exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

In this "puzzle-based investigation/adventure game", players control the titular Red Johnson, a private eye "on the streets of a dangerous city whose crime rate is skyrocketing. Tasked with investigating a murder, players must find clues, solve puzzles and question witnesses to solve the crime, all while staying out of harm's way. Players will also discover a world in which everything is dark, sharp and deadly - even humor."

The first teaser for Red Johnson's Chronicles highlights its gritty, even bloody atmosphere, and the developers are promising "tons of puzzles" to go with its crime story investigation. For more details about the game, stay tuned for our upcoming preview, and keep an eye on the official website as it's updated in the coming months.

Red Johnson's Chronicles is currently scheduled for downloadable release on PSN in May.



Long-awaited FMV sci-fi mystery on track for indie release March 10th

If we've learned anything from the long-awaited development cycles for DARKSTAR and Gray Matter, it's never to write an adventure game off. The latest to prove this theory is Anima's Conspiracies II: Lethal Networks, an FMV adventure that's been in production since 2004 and is at long last nearing release next month.

A follow-up to the independent Greek adventure Conspiracies, the new game once again puts players in the futuristic shoes of Nick Delios. In 2063, Earth joins the Peripheral Galactic Alliance, and hopes are high for a new era of development, prosperity, and closer co-operation with other civilizations that will lead to the eventual solution of the political, economic and social problems of the planet. But Delios, a former private eye and now a government secret agent, is accused of attempted murder of a high-ranking executive. Someone has framed him, of course, and in his effort to find the truth, he will find himself in the middle of multiple conspiracy networks throughout the Alliance, threatening its very existence.

The developers are promising a substantial play time covering twelve "worlds" of 8-10 locations each, including more than two hours of live-action video starring 80 different actors. For more information, head over to the official website, where the game will be available for purchase next week.

Conspiracies II: Lethal Networks is scheduled to launch on March 10th.