Adventure News

September 2010



Lace Mambo Global to release "The Last Chapter" in early 2011

If you haven't played Black Mirror II yet, time's running out, as Lace Mamba Global announced today that they will be publishing the third and final installment in early 2011 in the UK.

Picking up after the troubling events of the second game and promising to link back to to the storyline of the original, Black Mirror III: The Final Chapter opens with Darren Michaels caught seemingly red-handed at the scene of a blazing fire at the Black Mirror Castle. Worse, he's been targeted as the suspect for murder. Thrown in jail and given psychological counselling, Darren can't recall the events of the night. Instead, he begins having disturbing, violent visions, and when a mysterious benefactor posts his bail, he must set out to discover what "dark force lies behind the tangled web of riddles, mysterious secrets and entwined relationships".

For a more detailed look at the game, be sure to check out our recent preview. There is no firm release date for Black Mirror III, but the publisher is currently targeting the first quarter of 2011.



Fan-made King's Quest series continues with "longer, beefier" installment

Considering it's been 16 years since the last official King's Quest game, waiting two months for the second episode of The Silver Lining wasn't so painful. The wait is now over, however, as Phoenix Online Studios has released the new installment of the fan-made KQ series, Two Households.

July's What is Decreed Must Be was more of a teaser for what's to come, with King Graham witnessing his son and daughter falling victim to an evil curse, then preparing himself for the journey ahead. In Two Households, Graham's quest to find a cure begins in earnest as he "travels the Green Isles to gather the needed ingredients, all the while searching for answers about the cloaked stranger who attacked them -- a greater foe than any Graham has faced."

The developers are promising a "longer, beefier" adventure this time around, with more exploration and puzzles, plus some interface enhancements made since the debut, including "an option for shorter narrations, widescreen support, and the ability to toggle between walking and running". These improvements have been added to the current version of the first episode as well.

To download Two Households, visit the the official website. Registration is required, but it's free and comes with no obligations.



Episodic fantasy adventure coming later next month; gritty mystery due this winter

Not one but two independent development teams have released trailers this week, as Mad Orange and Fluff Entertainment have unveiled the first videos of their respective games, Face Noir: The Cat with Jade Eyes and Knights in Shining Armor: Our King's Tale - Episode One.

Face Noir: The Cat with Jade Eyes

As you'd expect from its title, Face Noir is a gritty mystery set in the 1930s in the dark years of the Great Depression. In New York, private detective Jack Del Nero is low on money and down on his luck, and things are about to get a whole lot worse. When an ex-colleague is murdered, Jack is dragged into an escalating tale of trouble in his hunt for the cat with jade eyes. Mad Orange has unveiled two different trailers, including the one below that that highlights several of the key gameplay features. The second is a teaser emphasizing the game's storyline and noir atmosphere, which can be found at the newly-revamped official website or streamed from our YouYube video channel.

Knights in Shining Armor: Our King's Tale - Episode One

For fantasy fans, Knights in Shining Armor: Our King's Tale - Episode One not only offers the first live glimpse of the game in action, it comes with the promise of an imminent release date, as the game is due for downloadable release on September 28th. In the first part of this episodic series, co-developed by Fluff and Corbomite Games, players follow the story of young Prince Rupert in this travels through a dark medieval fantasy world. Rupert needs a queen, and desires the daughter of his toughest foe for a bride, but he'll first need to prove his worth by reaching her. Expect more news about the game's release at the official website in the coming weeks.



Amanita's acclaimed adventure now being ported to Nintendo's console

The Wii and "great hardware" are rarely used in the same sentence, but there will soon be some great hardware (of the robotic kind) coming to Nintendo's platform in the form of Amanita's acclaimed adventure Machinarium.

Surely you've heard of Machinarium by now, but if you've managed to miss the Czech studio's acclaimed successor to Samorost, the game tells the story of a little robot cast out of a great metal metropolis by a gang of thugs who plan to blow up the city. Now the little silent protagonist must overcome all obstacles in his efforts to get back and rescue his girlfriend from captivity, and save the city while he's at it.

The port is being handled by Canadian developers XGen Studios, and no target release date has been announced for the game's downloadable WiiWare release.



New adventure from Runaway developers coming in first quarter 2011

We haven't heard too much yet about The Next BIG Thing, but with today's release of the first teaser, we now have our first little look at the new adventure from Pendulo Studios.

With the Runaway trilogy now complete, Pendulo has turned its sights to a new pair of protagonists, Dan Murray and Liz Allaire for its latest comic offering. The teaser introduces the two new heroes (Liz not at her best) and a few of the other oddball characters we'll meet in the game, both human and non-human alike.

While an actual release date for The Next BIG Thing is still uncertain, the game is now scheduled for completion some time in the first quarter of 2011.



Trailer heralds comic sci-fi adventure coming in November

Things are looking up for adventures these days -- quite literally in the case of Kaptain Brawe: A Brave New World, a comic sci-fi adventure that's due to arrive in November.

Originally conceived by indie developer Napthalite Productions, after a long hiatus the game was picked up and is now being finished by Cateia Games (The Legend of Crystal Valley, Hotel). A break from the company's earlier dramatic offerings, Kaptain Brawe is set in an alternate 19th century world where space pirates terrorize the galaxy. Players must step into the gravity boots of the titular character, a Space Police officer who "will embark on a journey filled with quests, conspiracies and general chaos, as he follows the lead of two kidnapped alien scientists."

Kaptain Brawe will be available for download on PC and Mac, plus mobile platforms as well, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The scheduled release date is November 1st, and pre-orders will begin on September 15th at the official website.



Independent 19th century title casts players as fallen angel trapped on earth

If you're hoping for some promising new adventures in 2011, better look to the heavens. Not to pray (though that probably wouldn't hurt), but for the falling angel set to star in an upcoming adventure called Heaven's Hope.

The independent adventure by German developer Mosaic Mask Studio casts players in the shoes (wings?) of Talorel, an angel-candidate and stunt-flying student. When Talorel accidentally falls and breaks the cloud barrier, he plummets to Earth near a town called Heaven's Hope. Unfortunately for him, "crossing the frontier is only permitted by the express consent of any of the archangels and is granted only in exceptional cases. Should the archangels learn of the infringement, the career of the young candidate would in all probability be ruined even before it has started." Players must help Talorel in his quest to return to heaven, but naturally, this task will be anything but easy.

Described by the developers as a combination of comedy and dark mystery, this 19th century point-and-click title promises approximately 40 hand-drawn locations and over 25 characters to interact with, plus some alternate puzzle solutions and multiple endings. Mosaic also intends to add some special features like a customizable character and a co-op mode, though no details are available yet on how these will work.

Although developed in Germany, the the developers have confirmed their intention to release the game in English as well, not only for PC, but for Mac, mobile platforms and Nintendo Wii as well, due some time next year. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Heaven's Hope website for more information.



New publishing deal still has horror adventure on course for early 2011 release

Rather than having its light snuffed out by recent publisher difficulties, Finnish developer Turmoil Games is shining brighter than ever with a new publisher deal and a brand new teaser for its upcoming horror adventure, Alpha Polaris.

Alpha Polaris sends players to the chilly environs of an American oil research station in Greenland. High above, however, an unprecedented ion storm is building, and "bringing about a strange intermixing of reality and night terrors. It is up to Rune Knudsen, a Norwegian biologist, to take on a desperate struggle against fear and death, and to face the primordial force lurking beyond the veiled sky."

The release of Alpha Polaris seemed somewhat in jeopardy when original German publisher The Games Company was declared bankrupt. However, a newly-reformed version of key TGC members under a new company called Just-A-Game stepped in to fill the void, and Turmoil reports that the game is still in full development and moving right along.

No firm release date has been announced for Alpha Polaris yet, the but the developers are currently targeting a completion date in the first quarter of 2011.



Playable sampler precedes horror title's downloadable release next week

If you're not sure you have the courage to plunge right into Amnesia: The Dark Descent, today you can take just a few first steps with the release of a playable demo.

The latest horror adventure from the developers of Penumbra sends players deep within the stony walls of an old Prussian castle. With little memory of who he is or why he's there, the protagonist must delve the dark, desolate environs to discover the reason for his presence there. All the while, he must seek whatever meagre light sources he can find to preserve his sanity, trying to avoid the terrifying creatures that stalk the halls along the way.

The demo is a little over 150 MB, and a list of download links can be found at the official website. The full version of Amnesia: The Dark Descent is due for downloadable release on September 8th.



Actor reprises vocal role in new series; liknesses of Fox, Lloyd secured

If your response to Telltale's newest adventure series is that it just wouldn't be Back to the Future without Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, word today from Telltale will come as welcome news. Not only did the company announce that the likenesses of both actors will be used, but Lloyd will be contributing his voice talents as well.

In their latest blog post, Telltale revealed some key details about the upcoming five-episode season. highlighted by the first released concept art showing the images of Fox and Lloyd in their roles of Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown, respectively.


Alas, there is no word on the voice actor for Marty's role, but Lloyd will reprise his role as the eccentric scientist by providing the voiceover for Doc Brown. Perhaps just as importantly, Telltale announced that Bob Gale, co-writer of the original movie trilogy, is back on board lending his expertise to the series once again.

There is still no firm release date announced for Back to the Future, but the series is scheduled to launch sometime this winter.