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May 2010



Tornado-chasing Nancy Drew adventure closing in on June release

It's nearly summer, so you know what that means: tornado season. Well, that and a new Nancy Drew mystery, but the two go hand in hand this year, as seen in the demo just released for Trail of the Twister.

In the latest adventure for the popular teen detective, Nancy goes undercover with a group of storm chasers who have experienced a series of suspicious incidents recently. A contest to predict tornado touchdowns has resulted in a fierce competition, so the question for Nancy is whether it's "just bad luck that's plaguing the storm chasers or is someone sabotaging their chances of winning?"

The playable sampler starts off at the beginning of the game, giving a quick glimpse of an imposing twister before sending Nancy indoors to take a tornado quiz and get familiar with her surroundings. But she'll be back on the road soon enough, as you guide her by car around the local streets, careful to avoid other travellers (though thankfully, no flying cows).

The 243 MB demo can be downloaded directly from Her Interactive website, where you can also play a Trail of the Twister minigame and view the trailer in preparation for the full game's release next month.



Full haunting mystery sequel due to release tomorrow in UK

The retail release of Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage is now only a day away, and to herald the occasion, a demo for the haunting mystery sequel has just been released.

The follow-up to 2007's In Pursuit of Loath Nolder puts players back in the shoes of the tormented Howard E. Loreid. No longer chasing a fugitive murder suspect this time around, now it's his own past that Howard is investigating, as he probes deeper and deeper, both literally and figuratively, to discover how his dark family history is connected to his current psychological affliction.

The demo does not take place at the start of the game, but rather in a (seemingly) remote abandoned building in the woods, where Howard must discover what tragic events transpired before his arrival. The 267 MB sampler can be downloaded from WorthPlaying.

For more details about the game, be sure to check out our recent interview with the developers and pop by the official website.



Indie sci-fi comic adventure targeting fourth quarter release

If you're still pining for the good ol' days of Space Quest, today's news should be encouraging, as indie Canadian developer Red Talon Games has announced its debut sci-fi comic adventure, Moon Base: Orion.

Controlling a (what else?) space janitor named Rad Tunever, players will receive a garbled distress call from the remote Moon Base: Orion, transmitting something about "...robots rebelling..." before breaking off. And so it's up to the socially dysfunctional, wisecracking Tunever to play the unlikely hero, but "will he be able to find the resolve within himself to defeat a threat of galactic proportions and rescue the base inhabitants before they ask him to just please leave?" According to the developers, "No. No he can't."

No firm release details for Moon Base: Orion have yet been announced, but Red Talon is currently planning to release the game through digital distribution in the fourth quarter of this year. In the meantime, be sure to follow the game's progress at the official website.



Phoenix Wright releases on iPhone; Broken Sword comes to iPad

If you're part of the growing audience of "i" adventures, there's double the good news this week with the release of two new adventure ports. As Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney debuts on the iPhone/iPod Touch, Revolution's Broken Sword: The Director's Cut has found its way onto the new iPad.

In Capcom's quirky courtroom drama, the pointy-haired young defense lawyer Phoenix Wright must defends his clients through a series of increasingly bizarre cases. To do so, he'll need to "collect evidence, survey crime scenes, weed through inconsistent testimonies, and overcome corrupt agendas to ensure that justice prevails." Available at the App Store for $4.99, the new iPhone/iPod Touch version includes a new "flick interface" to capitalize on the touch-based platforms.

Adventure fans are no strangers to the original story of George Stobbard and Nico Collard, but if you've managed to miss out on Broken Sword: The Director's Cut so far, now you can pick up the game for the new iPad tablet. Boasting "substantial graphical improvements" and a digital version of the Broken Sword comic by Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons that needs to be "earned by discovering six new hidden features buried within the game", the iPad release is also available at the App Store for £4.99 / $7.99 / €5.99.

For full details about each game, check out our reviews of the DS versions of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Broken Sword: The Director's Cut.



New IF adventure from Malinche now available for multiple platforms

If a trip to the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg is a little out of your price range this summer, at least you can read about one in Malinche Entertainment's latest text adventure, A Pinch in Saint Petersburg.

The game's protagonist is a visitor preparing to tour the famous art museum, but any hopes of a relaxing vacation soon come literally to a screeching halt as you turn to see your spouse and daughter being shoved into a Mercedes, abducted at gunpoint. Now, "in a capital city of a country you do not know, with millions of people speaking a language you do not speak, you must find your loved ones and take them back."

Promising a faithful (text) recreation of the Hermitage, along with various other streets and locales around the exotic Russian city, A Pinch in Saint Petersburg is now available for purchase and download from the official website]official website on multiple platforms, and will run on any version of Windows or Mac OS X. Non-interactive eBook and Kindle editions will soon be available as well.



New paranormal mystery adventure now available for download

Tourist season wasn't scheduled to open for another few weeks, but it turns out adventure fans can check in early to Cateia Games' latest adventure, Hotel.

The developers responsible for The Legend of Crystal Valley are now taking players to the deluxe Bellevue Hotel in France. Visting American detective Bridget Brightstone is called in to investigate what seems like a simple jewellery theft. But the case proves to be far more complex and dangerous than she imagined, as she soon begins uncovering unexplained paranormal events, clues dating back to the Roman Empire and ancient Egypt, and a hostile local police detective that resents her outside involvement.

The game is currently availabe only at Big Fish Games. A "Collector's Edition" is due out shortly from the official website, which will include extras such as bonus art, music, and a strategy guide.

For more details about Hotel, be sure to check out our recent hands-on preview.

Note: Adventure Gamers is a Big Fish Games affiliate.



Canine pirate adventure to be available for download this June

With release day fast approaching, a new trailer for the upcoming canine pirate adventure Jolly Rover has just been released by Australian developer Brawsome.

The game follows the Gaius James Rover as he sets sail to fulfil his dream of starting a travelling circus, after creating a lucrative combination of tobacco and rum named 'Jolly Rover'. Along the way, players will encounter 25 breeds of cutthroat canines on an adventure full of the usual pirate staples like romance, villains and loot. The trailer shows off the game's cartoon-like graphics, characters and its sense of humour.

Jolly Rover will be available for download on PC and Mac June 7. For more information, sail on over to the official site and check out our recent preview.



Second episode of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse now available

It must a be universal law that every adventure series has to pass through Egypt at some point, and this month it's Sam & Max's turn, as the Freelance Police head to the ancient lands in today's release of The Tomb of Sammun-Mak.

Of course, this is Egypt like nobody else does Egypt. The canine shamus and hyperkinetic rabbity thing find themselves whisked back in time to the early 1900s to play out the adventures of their own great-grandfathers. The Devil's Toybox has been stolen (well, after Sam & Max steal it first), and it's up the mustachioed Sameth and the corduroy-wearing Maximus to track down the culprit on the Disorient Express.

Available today for PC and Mac, The Tomb of Sammun-Mak is currently offered only as part of the full season of The Devil's Playhouse from the official website. The episode is also releasing today in North America on the PlayStation 3, available as a standalone episode through the PlayStation Network. The PS3 version for Europe is expected next Wednesday, May 26th.



Viva Media to publish dark murder mystery in July

In order to bring Alter Ego to North America, German publisher bitComposer needed a distributing alter ego of its own. Fortunately for gamers, now they've found one in Viva Media, who will be releasing the dark murder mystery this July.

The latest adventure from Future Games casts players in the dual roles of a thief named Timothy Moor and Police Detective Bristol. The late-19th century English town of Plymouth has been caught in the grips of a series of gruesome murders following the death of Sir William, a man renowned for his cruelty during his life. As Bristol investigates the latest crimes, Timothy wants only to escape for a new life in America, but soon finds himself drawn deeper into the effort to expose the town's dark secret.

Alter Ego will reportedly feature 30 different characters to interact with across 80 different locations, some of which are hinted at in the game's trailer. For more details about the game, be sure to check out the official website.



Wii port of The Westerner available for download this month

Adventure games continue to find a second home on the Nintendo Wii this month, as Revistronic has announced that Fenimore Fillmore – The Westerner will soon be available for download through WiiWare.

Originally released for PC in 2004, and known as Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure in North America, the story follows Fenimore as he sides with a group of farmers who are being terrorised by an evil stockbreeder named Starek. While he’s at it, Fenimore also tries to win the heart of a beautiful woman, Rhiannon, a local school teacher who just so happens to be Starek's niece.

No final release date has yet been announced, but Fenimore Fillmore – The Westerner will release on WiiWare sometime in May. In the meantime, for more information about the game, be sure to check out our review of the PC version and pop by the game’s official website.



Genre-defying physics-based puzzler available at no cost until May 24th

If you've been wondering whether Portal deserved all the accolades it received a few years back, there's no reason to wonder anymore, as Valve's genre-blending, physics-defying puzzler is available free until May 24th.

The one-of-a-kind Portal sends players through a series of tests in the lab-like Aperture Science obstacle course armed only with a portal gun. In order to overcome the increasingly more complex environmental challenges, you'll need to master the ability to instantly transport yourself from one portal opening to another to reach places you'd never be able to access otherwise. Monitoring your progress, ostensibly to help you succeed, is the enigmatic GLaDOS, a computerized voice whose eerily conflicted messages begin to cast doubt on the nature of these tests.

To play Portal, you'll first need to create an account, then download and install Steam, Valve's distribution system, though there is no charge or obligation involved in doing so. With Steam installed, simply follow the download instructions for the game and you'll be jumping through walls and ceilings in no time.

For more information about Portal, be sure to read our review of the game. A sequel has been announced for later this year, though no firm details have yet been revealed.



Wii port of Trial and Tribulations now available in North America

If you missed Trials and Tribulations on handheld the first time around, now there’s a second chance, as Capcom announced that the third installment of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series will be available in North America today through Nintendo's WiiWare.

Trials and Tribulations is the latest port from the original DS series to arrive on the Wii, following the two adventures of the pointy-haired legal eagle released earlier this year. In this game, defense lawyer Phoenix Wright goes up against the mysterious Godot, the toughest prosecutor he's had to face yet. To succeed, players will need to sort fact from fiction by collecting evidence and detecting inconsistent testimonies.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations is available now for 1000 Wii Points. For more details about the game, be sure to check out our review of the original DS version.



Teaser provides first in-game footage of dual-character thriller

With Alter Ego already in its catalogue (though still awaiting an English release), now German publisher bitComposer is turning up the focus on its second multiple-personality adventure with the first teaser for Jekyll & Hyde.

Loosely based on the famous characters from Robert Louis Stevenson, Jekyll & Hyde casts players in both title roles. As Dr. Jekyll seeks an antidote for a 19th century plague, he unwittingly unleashes the monstrous Mr. Hyde, the darker, untamed version of himself. Now, the two unlikely "partners" must move deeper into London's mysterious underworld in an ongoing attempt to find a cure and uncover a dark occult sect in the process.

The video demonstrates some live-action footage of Jekyll. The game does promise to incorporate some "action- and skill-based elements" as well as classic adventuring, but we may not know for sure how much until its projected release this fall.



Dark mystery sequel now shipping to retailers

Seven years after the release of the original Black Mirror, there's good luck today for fans of the dark mystery series, as today the sequel was released in the UK.

Black Mirror II picks up twelve years after the events of the last game, this time telling the story of American student Darren Michaels. When a beautiful young woman appears in his small town in Maine, things seem to be looking up for Darren. A mysterious stranger seems to be stalking her, however, and a string of increasingly dangerous events lead Darren all the way to the small English town of Willow Creek and its Black Mirror Castle, where he must confront the tragic tale of the Gordon family curse.

For the full scoop on Black Mirror II, be sure to check out our review of the game.

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