Adventure News

January 2010



Self-published collection at select retailers; Collector's DVD to begin shipping February 8th

Wallace & Gromit may come from Britain, but the pair have found a home in US stores first, as Telltale announced today that a self-published retail collection of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures is now available in select American stores.

The four-episode series starring the mild-mannered inventor and his longsuffering pooch was originally released in Telltale's usual downloadable episodic format beginning last March. Those who purchased the full season are still eligible to order the Collector's DVD for just the price of shipping from the developer, and that version is scheduled to begin delivery during the week of February 8th.

For the first time in the company's history, however, Telltale has self-published a series retail version. This version is available now at Best Buy, and will soon follow to Wal-Mart. There is currently no information available about a possible international release.



Sins of the Fathers highlights debut of downloadable Activision back catalogue

The sins of the fathers are indeed passed down to the children, at least where Gabriel Knight is concerned, as Jane Jensen's beloved classic has been re-released today on, seventeen years after its initial release.

Sins of the Fathers highlights GOG's announcement that the DRM-free download portal will be releasing many titles from Activision's back catalogue in the coming months. What this means in terms of adventure games isn't yet known, but Activision itself was once actively involved in the genre, publishing classics like Zork: Nemesis and Grand Inquisitor. More importantly to many, however, is the rich but long-dormant Sierra lineup now owned by Activision.

Perhaps no Sierra title is more acclaimed than today's release, which needs no introduction for longtime adventure gamers. For those that missed it the first time around, the story introduces Gabriel and his trusty assistant Grace. A bookshop owner and writer in need of inspiration, Gabriel is investigating the so-called Voodoo Murders in his hometown of New Orleans, but the dark secrets he uncovers reveals key details about his own family's history and his unique calling as a "Shadow Hunter".

As with all GOG titles, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is available DRM-free, and can be purchased for only $5.99.



Dual-character mystery from Black Mirror creators due this quarter

The first trailer for the upcoming Alter Ego has been released today, offering the first live glimpse of the new game from the creators of The Black Mirror.

In this third-person adventure planned for both the PC and Wii, the year is 1894 and the body of the recently deceased Sir William, notorious for acts of brutality during his lifetime, has gone missing at a time when more diabolical murders are occurring. Players will control both Timothy, a young thief, and Police Detective Bristol in a two-pronged effort to discover the truth behind the latest crisis.

The trailer introduces some of the characters and eerie locations that set the tone for this horror-themed mystery set in the English harbour town of Plymouth.

There is no definite release date for the game yet, but Alter Ego is currently scheduled for completion some time this quarter. For additional information, visit the game’s official website.



Mobile port of Revolution's updated classic now available at the App Store

Revolution's Broken Sword: The Director's Cut has just become a globe-trotting adventure in more ways than one, as the updated classic has now launched for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Previously released on the Nintendo Wii and DS, The Director's Cut is an enhanced version of the first adventure for George Stobbart and Nico Collard. An explosion at a quiet outdoor cafe draws George, a vacationing American, into an escalating mystery that leads all the way to a deadly conspiracy involving the Knights Templar, with a little help and a lot of sass from French journalist Nico along the way.

The new version for iPhone and iPod Touch features the same updates as the earlier Director's Cut releases, including new playable segments for Nico, new cinematics and animations by Dave Gibbons, and a context-sensitive help system. The mobile version has been further adapted for the new platform, of course, using an improved version of the control scheme introduced previously in Beneath a Steel Sky - Remastered.

The game is available now throughout Europe and North America for £3.99 / €5.49 / $6.99 from Apple's App Store.



THQ's The Model Mysteries based on three-book trilogy

Now 80 years old but still not looking a day over 17, Nancy Drew is as active as ever these days. Next month her schedule gets even busier, as she's set to star in a new DS adventure called Nancy Drew: The Model Mysteries.

Based on the three-book trilogy consisting of Model Crime, Model Menace and Model Suspect, the new game thrusts Nancy into the world of reality TV. As bridemaid at the wedding of a reality TV star, Nancy finds herself caught up in a very public new mystery. As all the preparations are being filmed for television, "the plans go off-script when an unknown villain is bent on sabotaging the wedding."

The new game is unrelated to any existing Nancy Drew game franchises, either on PC or DS. The Model Mysteries will include some casual elements like minigames and hidden object sequences, but with 15 potential culprits at hand, players will also need to "search locations, interview evasive suspects and sidestep danger as they hunt for the evil mastermind behind the vicious plots."

Nancy Drew: The Model Mysteries is scheduled to be released in February.



Reimagined update of original Silent Hill ships for PlayStation 2 and PSP

Shortly after its release on the Nintendo Wii, Konami today announced that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has now shipped for the PlayStation 2 and PSP.

This new release is a “reimagining of the original Silent Hill with all new twists”. In the game, the central character Harry Mason awakens from a car accident to find his daughter Cheryl is missing. To find her he must venture down the snow-covered streets of the nearby town of Silent Hill in a horrifying search that will lead him to the truth about his daughter and himself, if it doesn’t kill him first.

Unlike previous Silent Hill games, Shattered Memories clearly divides the threat-free adventuring portions and the action-oriented sequences spent escaping from the ghastly town denizens. The new version also includes features like a cellphone, map, camera and a psych profiling system. The game even adapts to a variety of player actions so that each experience is unique.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is now available in North American stores for the PlayStation 2 and PSP for $29.99. For more details about the game, check out our review of the Wii version.



Episodic follow-up to The Search for the Lost Garden to release this fall

In the beginning, there was Adam's Venture: The Search for the Lost Garden. There's no day of rest for Vertigo Games, however, as the developer is back at work on the second episode, Solomon's Secret, to be published by Iceberg Interactive this fall.

The series debut saw a young man named Adam Venture set out in pursuit of the Garden of Eden on a journey that would take him through a series of dangerous and puzzle-filled caverns. The second episode picks up where the first left off, with Adam and company now in 1920s Jerusalem, where they "become entangled in a thickening plot featuring a ruthless dig for the ancient King Solomon’s treasure - but is that really all there is to it?"

Like its predecessor, Solomon's Secret will include "a unique combination of action oriented gameplay with challenging classic puzzle solving", though the developers plan to make the new game both longer and more challenging than the original.

Solomon's Secret is currently scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year. In the meantime, have a look at our review of Episode 1 and pop over to the series' official website.



Follow-up to Les Mis and Divine Comedy completes first Enter the Story trilogy

The unique Enter the Story adventures from Chris Tolworthy have taken players from the streets of 19th century Paris to the depths of Hell and the heights of Heaven, but today's release of Genesis of the Gods goes back to the first moments of creation.

Based on "The Theogony" by the Greek poet Hesiod in the sixth century BC, the story reveals "the origin of the universe, how the gods were created, their battles with the Titans, the creation of mankind and how Prometheus stole fire from heaven, and more."

This third installment of Tolworthy's Enter the Story series completes the "Peri trilogy" begun in Les Misérables and The Divine Comedy. The three games not only include fictional narrative connections based around a spirit named Peri, but actually allow players to move freely from one game to the next from within the current adventure. The three games are all included in a single purchase price directly from the developer's website.

For a look at the first game in the trilogy, check out our review of Les Misérables. The series will continue with future installments, beginning with A Tale of Two Cities this spring.



Dark mystery adventure the latest to join growing Odyssia lineup

Another day, another adventure joins the already-impressive and rapidly-expanding Odyssia publishing lineup. This time it's the dark mystery Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok, due for release this fall.

The game sends players alone into the creation of eccentric architect Baron Wittard: a city inside a pleasure dome constructed inside an even larger building. The plans were glorious, but the grand opening of 'The Utopia' never occurred. A series of unexplained events and electromagnetic disturbances prevented its launch two years earlier, and the city now lies abandoned as the local townspeople tell of a "someone or something malevolent lurking at the city" and growing in power.

The first adventure by Wax Lyrical Games is the latest to be signed under the Odyssia label of Lace Mamba Global (formerly Mamba Games). Among the company's other highlights planned for 2010 are Gray Matter, Black Mirror 2, and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. Wittard will follow some time later, with a release currently scheduled for October.



Port of latest mystery from Frogwares to be released in March

Britain's most brilliant detective and most notorious killer will soon be making their way back to North America on the Xbox 360, as The Adventure Company will be publishing the console port of Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper this March.

The brutal real-life Ripper murders in Whitechapel were never solved, of course, but this time it's the fictional Holmes on his trail through the dark and gloomy streets of London, along with his trusty sidekick Watson. Previously released worldwide on PC and the Xbox 360 in Europe, this release will mark the first time a Sherlock Holmes mystery has appeared on Microsoft's home console in North America.

For more details about Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper, be sure to check out our review of the PC original.



Strong Bad episode freely available for limited time on "Trogday"

Note: the free deal is now over.

If you already know who the "Burninator" refers to, today's news is right up your alley. Then again, if you don't know then your awesomeness level clearly needs a boost, and what better way than to celebrate "Trogday" with a free episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, available from Telltale Games for one day only.

It's been seven years to the day since the creation of Trogdor, the fire-breathing menace and cult favourite among fans of Despite his popularity, the beefy-armed dragon was forced to sit unceremoniously on the sidelines for much of Telltale's SBCG4AP series, but finally broke free (literally) of his arcade cabinet to run rampant and scorch the countryside in 8 Bit is Enough. In the resulting chaos, a variety of 8-bit Videlectrix games began leaking into the real world, and only diminutive tough guy Strong Bad can save the day by conquering the dragon once and for all. (Some birthday for Trogdor.)

You'll have to act fast to scoop up your free downloadable copy of 8 Bit is Enough, as the game is only available today. For more information about the free episode, be sure to check out our review of the game. But download first, then read while you wait. The clock is ticking.



Director's Cut to be released for iPhone and iPod Touch

The iPhone and iPod Touch continue to be a fine way to relive the classics, and soon Revolution's Broken Sword: The Director's Cut can be added to that list.

Previously released on the Nintendo Wii and DS systems, the Director's Cut is an enhanced version of the beloved adventure, featuring some all-new gameplay scenarios, a context-sensitive help system, and new cutscenes and animations by acclaimed artist Dave Gibbons. In this latest iteration, Revolution claims that the controls have been "entirely redesigned for the touchscreen devices", improving on the earlier Beneath a Steel Sky - Remastered interface.

Broken Sword tells the story of the George Stobbart and Nicole Collard, an unlikely pair thrust together by events that expose a "conspiracy of the Knights Templar in an epic narrative spanning the globe". For additional details about the Director's Cut, be sure to check out our review of last year's DS release.

No firm release date has yet been announced, but the game is expected to be available through the App store "within a month".



Wii port of first Phoenix Wright adventure now available

Phoenix Wright has risen from the ashes today, though not with an entirely new game. Instead, the Wii port of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has been released by Capcom on WiiWare.

Originally released on the Nintendo DS, the quirky courtroom adventure puts players in control of the titular pointy-haired defense attorney. Along with his psychic sidekick(s), Wright must investigate crime scenes, interrogate witnesses, and then pull out any and all outrageous stops while questioning witnesses on the stand, looking for crucial contradictions in their testimony.

The WiiWare release includes only the first four cases from the DS version at a cost of 1000 Wii Points. The "bonus" fifth case will be released in May for an additional 100 Wii Points. Wii ports of the next two Ace Attorney adventures are also scheduled for the coming months.

For more details about the game, be sure to check out our review of the DS original.



Hybrid casual adventure sequel from Tex Murphy creators now available for purchase

The casualized adventure trend continues today with the release of 3 Cards to Dead Time by Big Finish Games.

The new title by Aaron Conners and Chris Jones, acclaimed designers of the Tex Murphy series, is a follow-up to 3 Cards to Midnight. Like its predecessor, 3 Cards to Dead Time is what the developers call a "story game" supported by traditional adventure-style puzzles and a unique word-based variation of the popular hidden object formula.

In the sequel, players once again control Jess Silloway, the young woman who fought to regain lost memories in the original. Discovering a paranormal gift she didn't know she had in the process, now Jess is visited in her dreams by a faceless woman beckoning her to a small American coastal town for reasons unknown. Along with Jess, several ghost hunters are also visiting Beacon Bay, a town once afflicted by great tragedy and now one of the most haunted places on earth.

3 Cards to Dead Time is now ready for purchase and download at the official website, where a playable demo is also available.