Adventure News

December 2007



Rosangela Blackwell returns for new supernatural mystery

While it's been known for some time that a new Blackwell game is in the works, today Wadjet Eye Games officially announced production of The Blackwell Convergence, and revealed the first details of the upcoming adventure.

Following a generational prequel in the recent Blackwell Unbound, the newest installment returns Rosangela Blackwell to center stage as the main character. Rosangela, a medium, along with her ever present spirit guide, Joey Mallone, witness a series of seemingly unrelated events that may be "just normal life in the big city" but as Rosangela and Joey delve further into them, they find there may be a sinister connection after all.

The game is targeting an early-to-mid 2008 release. For further information about The Blackwell Convergence, be sure to visit the game's official website.



Video offers synopsis of series and new gameplay footage

Having just announced they would be publishing AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo in the UK and parts of Europe, Kalypso Media has now released a new trailer for the upcoming game from Private Moon Studios.

In this newest episode, which is the longest of the series thus far and the first to be released as a standalone boxed product, Professor Samuel Hunt is once again on a quest for an ancient board game. He also finds himself trying to clear the name of an imprisoned young man accused of theft.

The video offers a brief synopsis of Professor Hunt's journeys in the first three AGON episodes and then takes viewers on a tour of the Spanish city of Toledo and its locales, showing plenty of cinematics and gameplay footage.

The trailer can be streamed directly or saved as a 23 MB download from FileFront.



Swashbuckling adventure set for March release in UK

It seems Jack Keane has been adrift for a while now, anxiously awaiting a place to land. The swashbuckling adventure from Deck13 has been released in German speaking territories and is available in English for download, but no recent word had been revealed for a boxed release of the game. Today, however, Kalypso Media UK has announced an agreement with 10tacle to distribute the game in the UK and various worldwide territories in March 2008.

In Jack Keane, the titular captain sets sail on a simple escort misson in the early colonial period, required to drop off a secret agent on a mysterious island. Simple, that is, until he crashes his ship and discovered the island is home to a mad scientist commanding an army of trained apes for nefarious purposes.

Jack Keane represents the second foray into the genre for Kalypso, as the fledgling publisher also announced recently that it will be publishing the new installment of the AGON series in the UK. For Jack Keane, the agreement between 10tacle and Kalypso extends beyond the UK to the Nordic region, Middle East, Far East, South Africa, and Australasia.

For more information about Jack Keane, be sure to check out the official website.



Third and fourth episode titles also revealed

Sam & Max felt the icy chill of the North Pole in Ice Station Santa, the first episode of Season Two. It was unknown where the crime-fighting duo would be heading next, but that question has been answered with the release of the wild partying debut trailer for Episode 202, Moai Better Blues.

In the second episode, Sam & Max end up in the tropics and find themselves trying to stop a volcano eruption. The new movie comes complete with a partying Max, dancing babies and strategically placed censor spots, along with offering a sneak peek at some new characters and a new location (hint: giant stone heads not belonging to Abe Lincoln are involved). The streaming trailer can be viewed at Telltale's website or a higher resolution version can streamed or downloaded from FileFront.

In addition to the first glimpse of the next episode, Telltale has also revealed the titles of the third and fourth episodes. Night of the Raving Dead should be arriving on February 15th, while Chariots of the Dogs is currently scheduled for March 14th.



Gameplay footage emphasizes physics-based interaction

Hot on the heels of its recent official website launch comes a new trailer for Penumbra: Black Plague.

The video shows an assortment of gameplay footage that should ring a bell for (and perhaps send shivers down the spines of) those familiar with its predecessor, Penumbra: Overture. Once again, players assume the first-person role of Philip, who finds himself trapped in a dark and terrifying underground complex beneath a frozen wasteland. With their combination of classic adventuring with light combat and stealth elements, the Penumbra games rely heavily on physics to overcome obstacles, and the new trailer highlights some of the ways players can interact with the environment.

The 9 MB trailer can be found at the game's website or at standard download sites like WorthPlaying and GamersHell.



Original game's killer revealed in all-new investigation

One of the most talked about games the past couple of years has been Still Life. With its abrupt and ambiguous ending caused by financial difficulties at MICROÏDS, speculation about the killer has been rampant and pleas for a sequel have resounded in the adventure community. Just recently, the MICROÏDS label was relaunched and now the long-awaited sequel to Still Life has been announced.

This new installment has quietly been in development since June 2007 at GameCo Studios. Unlike its predecessor, the new game will be in real-time 3D. To the relief of many, the game promises to answer the question of who the killer was in Still Life, while beginning an all-new investigation for FBI agent and profiler Victoria McPherson.

The story in Still Life 2 centers on another serial killer, the East Coast Torturer, who completely washes his victims after their murder to rid them of clues. Victoria finds herself in Maine after the body of a young woman, supposedly a victim of the killer, is found. A journalist, Paloma Hernandez, who has also been investigating the killings and has been critical of the FBI's investigation, asks to meet Victoria to give her evidence, but Hernandez is captured by the East Coast Torturer.

Players will be able to play as both Victoria McPherson and Paloma Hernandez with two different viewpoints and styles of gameplay. As Victoria, you will be investigating the killer and as Paloma, you will be trying to survive after being kidnapped.

The PC version of the game is currently targeting a November 2008 release.



Developer diary highlights Black Plague site

With its release date creeping ever closer, the official website for Penumbra: Black Plague has now been unveiled by Paradox Interactive.

Black Plague is the second (and final) part of the psychological horror adventure that began with Penumbra: Overture. Both games cast players in the role of Philip, who finds himself trapped beneath an icy wasteland in a terrifying underground tunnel complex, all in pursuit of clues left by a father long believed dead. Peppered with a fair bit of both combat and stealth, the main feature of the realtime 3D, free-roaming series is its heavy emphasis on physics, requiring players to simulate character movements to carry out various actions.

The Black Plague website has the expected game overviews and image galleries, but also includes the first part of an ongoing developer diary in the "Articles" section.

Penumbra: Black Plague is currently scheduled for a worldwide release some time in the first quarter of 2008.



Kalypso Media signs on to release The Lost Sword of Toledo

Remember AGON? You'll be forgiven if you don't, as the previous game in the projected 14-episode series, Pirates of Madagascar, was released over three years ago now. The first three episodes of the downloadable adventure series have since been bundled and released in AGON: The Mysterious Codex, but the lengthy wait for episode four has caused many to question whether the series would ever continue. Today, however, comes the news that Kalypso Media will be publishing AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo in the UK.

This isn't the first such publishing announcement, as Lexicon Entertainment was previously introduced as the game's UK publisher. The planned release dates from Lexicon came and went with no game, however, so now Kalypso steps in, hopefully with better results. The fledgling publisher was originally founded by industry veterans in Germany in 2006, and opened its UK office earlier this year.

Unlike the previous games in the series, The Lost Sword of Toledo will be released as a full-length retail product, much longer and more involved than the earlier segments, which partly explains the extra time spent bringing the game to market. The new game once again stars Professor Samuel Hunt as he explores the globe in search of a series of ancient games. This time around, he arrives in the historic Spanish town of Toledo, where a young man has stolen some valuable treasures, reviving longstanding family grievances whose past secrets had been taken to the grave.

While Kalypso has been announced as publisher, no firm release date has yet been revealed for the game's launch in the UK.



Cinematic teaser shows off the latest Agatha Christie whodunit

With the slew of games coming out in time for the holiday season, it can be easy to lose track of new releases. To keep the latest Agatha Christie game fresh in the minds of gamers, The Adventure Company has released a new trailer for Evil Under the Sun.

In the third Agatha Christie game adaptation, players control the brilliant Belgian detective Hercule Poirot for the first time. The story centers around the murder of a famous actress at a resort where Poirot is vacationing during World War II. The events leading up to the murder and subsequent investigation are presented in the form of a flashback narrative, with Poirot telling the story to his friend Hastings, allowing Hastings to direct the story as if he had been there himself.

The 6 MB cinematic trailer highlights the various locations and some of the characters encountered in the game, and can be found at GamersHell or other standard download sites.



Fall Dashboard Update includes full Xbox Originals for download

It's been known for a while that Xbox LIVE (the online service for the Xbox 360) was getting a Fall Dashboard Update and starting today, that update is now available. Among the highlights is the chance to download complete Xbox Originals, and one adventure game made it to the list, as Indigo Prophecy is now available for purchase.

While the game has always been available as a retail product for the original Xbox, it has not previously been available for download on the Xbox 360. The game will cost 1200 Microsoft points and require a free software emulator, the details of which can be found here.

Using a variety of unique gameplay mechanics, Indigo Prophecy tells the story of Lucas Kane, a man who unwittingly commits a brutal murder while experiencing a disturbing vision. Lucas is not the only person entering homicidal hypnotic states, however, and he must discover what is behind it while he himself is on the run.

Xbox Live users in North America can now download Indigo Prophecy, while those in Europe and the UK will soon have access to Fahrenheit, which is the same game with a few scenes censored in the North American version.