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September 2007



First video offers a peek at historical London

The last we saw of Sherlock Holmes, he was up against the followers of Cthulhu in The Awakened. His next case is far less fantastical but features a craftier opponent, and players can now sneak a peek at the first trailer for Sherlock Holmes vs. Arsène Lupin.

Arsène Lupin, a character brought to life by French writer Maurice Leblanc, is the world's greatest thief. In the new game, he challenges Sherlock Holmes and Scotland Yard by threatening to steal five valuable objects from five historical sites around London, and it is up to Holmes and Watson to figure out his plan and stop him. The real-time 3D adventure takes place entirely in London and takes players to well-known historical locations, some of which are featured in the new video.

The 12 MB trailer can be downloaded from WorthPlaying. For more information about the game, visit the developer's website



Hard Evidence now shipping for PC and Xbox 360

For the many armchair crime scene investigators out there, it's time to break out the fingerprint dust, the Luminol, and the gamepad, as CSI: Hard Evidence is now shipping to retailers across North America.

Okay, the gamepad may not be required, as Hard Evidence is once again a point-and-click affair on PC, but for the first time in the series, the new game has been released for Xbox 360 along with its PC counterpart.

The fourth game in the CSI series to feature Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, and the rest of the Vegas cast from the popular televsion show, Hard Evidence once again tasks players with solving a variety of grisly crimes. Over the course of five separate cases, players will combine modern day forensic tools with good old-fashioned detective work to bring the ciminals to justice. Among the new features are a new garage lab for examining large evidence, ballistic lasers to recreate gunfire, and video analyis.

CSI: Hard Evidence is currently in development for the Wii as well, but release for Nintendo's console is planned for later this year.



Popular teen sleuths to star in first adventure in fall '08

With the immense popularity of the Nancy Drew adventure series, it was only a matter of time until the Hardy Boys got their own. That time is now at hand, as JoWooD and The Adventure Company announced today that they will be bringing the teen sleuths to PC in an ongoing mystery series beginning in 2008.

While Frank and Joe Hardy may look young, the brothers have been around since 1928, selling over 100 million book copies in the process. Even today, The Hardy Boys classic editions sell over a million copies annually, and the boys are also involved in an all-new contemporary series called Undercover Brothers. The new partnership agreement with Simon & Schuster will include an unspecified number of games over the course of five years.

The debut adventure is scheduled for next fall, entitled The Tower Treasure. Not many details about the first game or the series in general have been revealed so far, but the publisher's stated goal is to "remain true to the original stories and characters" of the Hardy Boys novels, only this time in an interactive environment, putting players in the mysteries alongside them.



Full season details released, with first stop at Ice Station Santa

We've known it's been coming for a while now, but to this point we've been largely in the dark on details about Sam & Max: Season Two. Finally, however, the veil has been lifted, as Telltale Games has revealed the much-anticipated new information about the upcoming season.

First up is the newly-christened Ice Station Santa, to be launched exclusively on GameTap on November 8th, then released for purchase and download the day after from Telltale. Numbered "201" (denoting second season, first episode), Ice Station Santa will be the first of five episodes comprising the new season. Following the same release pattern as the debut episode, Episode 202 will be released by GameTap and Telltale on January 10th and 11th, respectively, and the remaining three episodes at monthly intervals after that. The dates for each episode launch coincide with the second Thursday of each month.

According to Telltale, the new season will also follow the same price structure as Season One, with individual episodes priced at $8.95 and the full season available for pre-order at $34.95. And once again, Telltale will be offering a free disc version of Season Two for any who pre-order, asking only the cost of shipping.

For more information about the new season of Sam & Max, be sure to check out the official website, and then torment yourself while you wait with our recent hands-on preview.



New video demonstrates unique interface

Experience112 has kept a low profile in recent months, at least in the English-speaking market. However, with its French release due next month, a brand new trailer should help to bring the game back into the limelight.

The trailer displays actual gameplay footage and demonstrates the game's unique perspective and control of the main character, Professor Lea Nichols. Trapped on an old grounded ship, Nicols must be guided and influenced remotely by the player using the ship's equipment as you watch her on camera, and your relationship to her will slowly be revealed throughout the game.

The 36 MB trailer can be downloaded from the official website in the downloads section. The game is set for an October release in France and a first quarter 2008 release for North America, where it will reportedly be known as Experiment112.



Game based on CSI: Miami show now available for mobile phones

The CSI franchise has been making a name for itself on television, the PC and very soon, consoles. But even phones aren't exempt, as Gameloft announced the release of the first CSI game for mobile phones today.

Planned as the first in a series of mobile phone games based on the CSI license, the debut title from Gameloft and CBS Mobile is based on the CSI: Miami television show and involved input from the show's creator, Anthony Zuiker. An entirely new game rather than a port of its PC predecessor, the game will still involve collecting evidence at crime scenes and interrogating suspects, this time as the lead investigator in each case.

The game released today is only available for US mobile phones but it will be available in 140 countries in the months to come. The game can be downloaded from major cell phone carriers such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T Mobile.



Cinematic teaser from GC 2007 is now available

For quite a long time, we've only been able to experience A Vampyre Story through concept art and screenshots. Now, everyone will get the chance to see the characters we've come to know in action, as the trailer shown at the 2007 GC has now been released.

The cinematic teaser features several of the game's main characters, including the vampiric Mona and her pet bat, Froderick. Coming in at 22 MB, the trailer can be downloaded from the official website.

For a more in-depth look at A Vampyre Story, be sure to check out our recent GC preview. We'll also have an interview with Bill Tiller in the coming weeks if our equipment cooperates.



Latest mystery now shipping for Nintendo's handheld

Nancy Drew has solved a lot of mysteries in her unusually long day, but never with a lead as small as this. Fortunately, fans of the teen sleuth will soon discover that bigger isn't always better, as The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park is now shipping to North American retailers.

The first Nancy Drew adventure created exclusively for the Nintendo DS, Deadly Secret sees the spunky girl detective investigating the disappearance of billionaire industrialist Thaddeus Belmont. On the eve of opening Olde World, a lavish theme park featuring the world's greatest historical civilizations, Belmont is nowhere to be found, and it's up to none other than Nancy to piece together what's happened to him.

The new game is not related to Her Interactive's popular PC mystery series, but developed by Gorilla Systems specifically to capitalize on the unique DS features. Players will guide Nancy on screen over the course of 13 increasingly difficult chapters, and the system's touch screen will be used for conversation, accessing Nancy's clue journal and unlocking mini-games.

For more information about The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park, be sure to check out the game's official website.



Teaser video and new website round out North American release

Just to make sure gamers aren't sleeping at their computers now that Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened has shipped to North American retailers, cdv Software Entertainment has not only set up an official website but also released a brand new trailer for the game.

Featuring some game footage of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, the trailer also highlights the creepy atmosphere of the mystery that combines the influences of both Doyle and Lovecraft, involving the investigation of murders associated with a Cthulhu-worshipping cult.

The 12 MB trailer can be downloaded from sites like Filefront or streamed directly from cdv's new website for the game.



Fourth Carol Reed mystery available for purchase

That Carol Reed never seems to take a break, as the amateur detective finds herself in her fourth mystery in as many years with Friday's release of East Side Story.

Actually, Carol is trying to take a summer vacation at the start of the new game, but quickly finds herself thrust into another whodunnit, as someone is killed in a friend's apartment. Beginning with no clues at all, it'll be up to players to guide Carol around the watercolour-treated locales of Sweden in what the game's husband-and-wife creators call her "longest and most complex case to date."

As with the first three games in the series, East Side Story is available on CD directly from the developer's website. The total cost is $18 USD, which includes worldwide shipping. A 58 MB demo is also available, for those who like to try before they buy.



Tri Synergy to publish the supernatural adventure

With Halloween around the corner, the promise of ghostly fun has already begun, as today it was announced that Tri Synergy will be publishing the supernatural adventure game Ghost in the Sheet in North America.

You won't find any of the living lurking about, as this first-person point-and-click game takes place in Sector Omega, an abandoned factory that was the scene of the mysterious disappearance of all its workers. Assigned to the case of investigating the workers' fate is a recently deceased and rather poorly attired ghost, and it will take all of his unique paranormal abilities to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Ghost in the Sheet will be released some time next month. For a closer look at the game, head over to our hands-on preview.



Black Plague to be the next and final episode

Since the release of Penumbra: Overture, which was originally to be the first of a trilogy, the series appears to have changed course by cutting back to two episodes. Today Black Plague, the second and now "final" Penumbra installment was officially announced by the game's publisher, Paradox Interactive.

While not much is known about the story of Black Plague so far, it will presumably continue where its first-person horror-adventure predecessor left off. In Overture, a letter received from a father long since believed dead leads the main character to the frozen north and down a mysterious metal hatch, leaving human civilization behind and searching for clues in his father's footsteps.

Penumbra was originally developed to showcase a new technology and the unique physics found in Overture will continue in Penumbra: Black Plague. The game is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2008.



Scenic travel adventure now shipping to retailers

If the gamers can't come to Italy, bring Italy to the gamers. That seems to be the goal of S&G Software, whose second adventure based on the lovely island of Capri is now shipping to retailers across North America.

Already available in Europe, Anacapri: The Dream is a follow-up to the developer's last adventure, A Quiet Weekend in Capri. Although not a sequel, the new game still shares many elements in common with its predecessor, including thousands of photos of the island in a first-person adventure that emphasizes exploration. In Anacapri, players must locate a dangerous magical artifact before it wreaks further havoc, but the investigation weaves between reality and fantasy, the present and the past.

The North American version of Anacapri is retailing for a suggested price of $19.99 USD. For more information about the game, be sure to check out our hands-on preview.



"Deception" is the penultimate offering for the season

A new month is here, and with its arrival comes the newest Myst Online: Uru Live episode entitled "Deception," now available on GameTap.

Continuing the storyline that's unfolded through the previous episodes, the threat of war is still imminent amid the ongoing battles of the Bahro, and the DRC attempts to introduce a new Guild system to the cavern. To achieve this, new Guild pubs will be introduced, offering more places for members to meet. Meanwhile, a former DRC member who was thought to be dead makes his return to offer information about the Bahro that could lead either to salavation or destruction.

This latest episode will be the lead-in for the season finale in October. To learn more about "Deception" and Myst Online, visit the official website.

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