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April 2006



New Benoît Sokal game available in North America

Continuing one of the most hectic release periods in adventure history, today Ubisoft announced that Paradise has shipped to retail stores in North America.

Paradise is the new game by acclaimed designer Benoît Sokal, best known for his work on the Syberia series. The first game from Sokal's new studio, White Birds, Paradise promises to bring the same artistry and imagination, this time to the African continent in the role of a young amnesiac named Ann Smith. In the third-person, point and click adventure, players must guide Ann on her journey through four unique worlds as she escorts a black leopard back to its home, searching for clues to her own identity along the way.

For a (literal) change of pace, the game occasionally switches to real-time 3D, giving players an opportunity to control the panther, whose physical abilities will be essential for Ann to proceed.

To see trailers of the game, head on over to the official website. For a first-hand look at the game, be sure to check our recent preview.



Homestar Runner team release another game

Videlectrix, the Homestar Runner team's games label, have created another parody of old-school adventures: Dungeon Man 3.

This time (unlike their previous game, Peasant's Quest, which was in the vein of early Sierra AGI games) the game is a take off of early graphical text adventures.

The game is playable online in any Flash-enabled web browser, here.



Two new games in store later this year

It's Paris in summer and Hawaii in fall... nice work if you can get it! But that's the itinerary for Nancy Drew, as Her Interactive has revealed the first details about their 2006 lineup for the teen detective.

Due in July is Danger by Design, which sees Nancy heading to France at the request of an investor concerned about Minette, a fashion designer whose "strange, unexplained behavior may delay her Spring Collection and potentially derail the fashion house."

Continuing Her Interactive's tradition of releasing two new mysteries per year, the girl sleuth is sent packing soon after for an October release of Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave. Here Nancy discovers her mentor, Dr. Quigley Kim, has disappeared, and "amidst the volcanoes and caves of the lush Hawaiian landscape, Nancy goes head-to-head with the legend of Kane 'Okala as she unravels the multiple mysteries behind the missing Dr. Kim."

With over 2.5 million Nancy Drew games sold to date, the two new titles should once again appeal to the established fan base that have followed Nancy through her thirteen previous cases.



Playable demo also ready to dig up scares

Shadow Tor Studios, the independent developer from Cornwall, has announced its debut adventure, Barrow Hill, is now available for purchase.

Sold only at the official website, Barrow Hill is described as "archeology meets adventure", as the plot centers around the modern day investigation of an ancient burial ground. The first-person, point and click adventure asks players to "restore balance to a Celtic world while avoiding the dangers that lurk in the forest around you. Alchemy, puzzle solving, archaeology and adventure await those brave enough to explore Barrow Hill."

For a first-hand look at the game, you can now download a 92 MB playable demo, as well as check out a gameplay trailer, "making of" feature, an interactive Barrow Hill map, and various other extras from the revamped website.



TAC: "A unique puzzle game with 35 unique safes to crack."

The Adventure Company announced this week that a puzzle game entitled Safecracker will be among their E3 line-up. The game is being developed by the same team behind Return to Mysterious Island.

Safecracker is touted as "a unique puzzle game with 35 unique safes to crack." If you're experiencing a severe case of déjà vu upon hearing this, that's no surprise; another game called Safecracker with the same premise was released in 1997. However, The Adventure Company says the game that's currently in production is brand new, and although it's along the same lines as the original Safecracker, it's not a direct sequel.

In the new Safecracker, the player will be tasked with exploring the mansion of a recently-deceased millionaire. The player must crack each of the 35 safes located throughout the house to find the millionaire's last will and testament, which is hidden inside one of them.

The game is scheduled for a fall release, and we should learn more about the game at E3 in May.



Video goes behind the scenes of the game and its subject

Nobilis, the French publisher behind The Secrets of DaVinci: The Forbidden Manuscript, has recently released a "making of" video that offers a glimpse behind the scenes into the upcoming game by Kheops and its partner studios.

With commentary from both developers and scholars, the ten minute movie offers insight not only into the game's premise and development, but also the historical locations and the famous artist, scientist, and inventor himself.

Due out in France this week and internationally in the coming weeks, The Secrets of DaVinci is a first-person, point and click adventure that tells of the story of a young man named Valdo, who must solve a series of enigmas devised by Leonardo in an effort to locate one of the great master's missing codices.

The video is 237MB, and can be downloaded from such sites as 3DGamers or WorthPlaying.

For more information about this game, grab your French-English dictionary and head on over to the official website.



Now without time limitations

The North American publishers of Daemonica have released another demo of the game. The new demo removes the time restrictions of the previous release, giving players unlimited time to explore the first out of five acts in the game.

This second demo, available over at the publisher's site, is considerably smaller than the first one, sized at approximately 305MB.

For more information about this unique murder mystery, be sure to check out our recent review.



Second case available from latest crime drama

Armchair detectives will have something to keep them busy this weekend, as a playable demo has just been released for CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder.

The demo introduces the second of five cases from the full game released last month. This particular sequence should be of additional interest to adventure gamers, as the crime you'll be solving has taken place in a gaming convention that includes plenty of references to the cancellation of a highly-anticipated game.

3 Dimensions of Murder is the first CSI title with Telltale Games at the helm, and while it follows the format of the previous games quite closely, the new game offers longer and deeper cases, and brings the series into 3D for a more immersive gameplay experience.

To download the 209 MB demo in either English of Spanish, head on over to the Telltale website and scroll down to the "Telltale Spotlight" box.



New Benoît Sokal adventure gets more exposure

With release date fast approaching, Ubisoft has recently unveiled the official Paradise website.

The stylish new site offers plenty of information about the upcoming adventure from White Birds, and includes trailers and wallpaper to get people in the mood for taking the trip to Benoît Sokal's vision of sub-Saharan Africa.

Paradise tells the story of a young woman named Ann Smith, who crash lands in the war-torn country of Maurania. With no memory of who she is, Ann must travel through four unique areas of the dark continent in order to return a black panther to its home, and discover the secrets of her identity in the process.

The game is currently scheduled for release later this month.



Well, only one, but it improves game stability

Nucleosys has responded to the technical difficulties experienced by some gamers with a recent patch for Scratches.

The first-person horror adventure has suffered from stability issues on some systems. While particularly noticeable on Pentium 4's with Hyper-Threading technology, Nucleosys recommends that all gamers upgrade their current version.

The recommendation comes with a caveat for those already playing the game, however, as current saved games will not be supported by the patched version, so you'll need to start the game over from the beginning.

The patch is only 650KB, and is available for download from the Nucleosys website, or from standard download sites like GamersHell.



Second Bone episode now available for purchase

...and... GO!

Right on schedule, The Great Cow Race is now underway, as Telltale Games has just released the second episode of Bone, adapted from the popular Jeff Smith comics.

Available only from Telltale's website, the new game continues the epic story begun in Out from Boneville. After being driven from their hometown and separated in the opener, cousins Fone, Phoney, and Smiley Bone are reunited in this episode, which centers around the annual cow race in the town of Barrelhaven. This time, players will control all three Bones at various stages, occasionally performing actions necessary for the others to continue their own adventures.

Like the first game, the new episode promises to stay faithful to Smith's original creation, while expanding scenarios for better gameplay opportunities. Says Smith himself, "Telltale's work on Bone is amazing. It has been great to see these animated personalities coming to life. They're expanding the Bone worlds with incredible fidelity to my original comic book pages."

The Great Cow Race is available in both download and packaged format at $12.99 and $17.99 USD, respectively, though owners of Out from Boneville may be eligible for a discount on the packaged version. See our recent news item for more details.

According to Telltale, the packaged version will be shipped during the week of the 24th, but included in the purchase price is the activation code to unlock the dowload version, so players can play while they wait for delivery. The 100 MB download is a little larger than the first game, and includes the full game with a free playable section, after which players will be asked to purchase the game to continue. The trial portion is not timed, but should provide about half an hour of gameplay.



Head up to the towers of Dragonvale Academy

The Adventure Company has recently released a playable demo for the fantasy adventure, Keepsake.

Unlike the previous demo, which was based on the UK version of the game, the new demo comes from the North American game, so it includes new voice acting, an in-game map, and several other technical enhancements. The demo also takes Lydia away from the lower floors of the Dragonvale Academy and up into the sky-high towers connected only by a complex system of portals.

Lydia is a young woman who arrives for her first day at the acclaimed magic academy, only to find the building completely deserted, and must discover the school's hidden secrets in order to unravel the mystery. Assisting her is Zak, a cowardly animal who claims to be a dragon, but is clearly keeping secrets of his own. (Note: the new demo reveals additional insight into Zak's story than has previously been revealed, so be forewarned if you're planning to play the full game.)

The demo is just over 200 MB, and can be downloaded from sites like GamersHell and 3DGamers.



Heart of Osiris to be a standalone episode

If you're still brushing the sand off your feet from your first trip through Ankh, you might want to wait, as you'll soon be making another trip back to the Egyptian desert. Deck 13 and bhv, the developer/publisher tandem behind the original 3D comic adventure released in Europe, have recently announced that they are teaming up once again for a standalone expansion called Ankh: Heart of Osiris.

Following a press release only in German, Deck 13 has confirmed development of the standalone pseudo-sequel. The new game will take players through fifteen scenes in ancient Egypt, half of which are completely new, while the other half have been overhauled from Ankh. Familiar faces will be back, including Assil, Thara, and the Pharaoh, along with new additions to an already-quirky cast, including a burning bush that thinks it is God.

Heart of Osiris is scheduled for release in Germany this fall. The developer has confirmed that an English version of the game will be released, but there is currently no official word on a projected publishing date for localized versions.



Update available in English and Spanish

Independent developer Big Time Games has recently released a patch for The Town With No Name, the second volume in the Delaware St. John series. The patch adds a subtitle option for both English and Spanish, which should make understanding the game's supernatural characters a whole lot easier.

Delaware St. John is a detective with paranormal abilities that allow him to see and communicate with the dead, but the latter has been easier for him than the player, as each of the first two games originally released without subtitles.

The Town With No Name sees the titular hero and his partner Kelly travel to a deserted town that doesn't exist on any map. Deserted of living inhabitants, that is. Here Delaware will need to unravel the town's tragic past that has a mysterious connection to his own.

The Delaware St. John games are available from the developer's website. The next game in the series, The Seacliff Tragedy, is scheduled for release this summer.

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