Adventure News

October 2005



Game ships ahead of schedule, trailer released

Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None has shipped to stores across North America, according to publisher The Adventure Company. This gets the game into players' hands nearly two weeks before the previously-announced release date of November 8.

A trailer was also released today, giving a first look at the game's ill-fated characters in action. The 48 MB trailer can be">downloaded from Worthplaying.

And Then There Were None is based on the best-selling mystery novel of the same name (also known as Ten Little Indians), but the game promises to challenge and surprise even players familiar with the book. The plot revolves around ten strangers who have been invited to a dinner party on a remote island, only to be murdered one by one. In this third-person game, the player controls a new, eleventh guest--the boatman who delivers the unsuspecting invitees to their final destination.

While you're waiting for the guests to arrive, read more about the game in our recent developer's interview and hands-on preview.



For free, no less!

Late last week Telltale Games updated their website with a treat for the fans: the soundtrack to the first episode of Bone, their adventure game adaptation of the popular comic. The 13 song soundtrack runs about a half hour, includes some music that is barely or rarely heard in the game and is available in plain old unrestricted MP3 format.

Along with the soundtrack comes a short writeup from composer Jared Emerson-Johnson about his work on Out from Boneville and some talk of his plans for the upcoming second episode, The Great Cow Race:

The musical challenge that this implied was immediately apparent to me. Because the tone of the complete Bone series moves from innocent adventures to dire and epic ones, all of the character and location themes needed to be flexible enough to grow with the story as it progresses from one game to the next. As far as I am concerned this balance between the carefree moments and the increasingly serious arc is the heart of Jeff Smith’s unique storytelling voice.

The soundtrack is available on Telltale Games' Bone Extras page. For more on Out from Boneville check out Adventure Gamers' review.



The familiar haunted hotel returns in a limited re-release

Just in time for Halloween, Bryan Wiegele from Big Time Games has announced the limited re-release of his previous game, Inherent Evil.

In this creepy supernatural thriller, players will "join Kyle Reed as he searches through his family owned hotel to find his missing brother. As the night grows longer, it becomes clear that the evil that claimed his parent's lives in the hotel wants him as well."

Originally published in 1999, the content of the game remains unchanged in the re-release, though there have been improvements made to the interface, and the completion of each section in the game now allows for a smooth transition to the next (a feature the original version unfortunately lacked).

Fans of the first volume of Delaware St. John may have a particular interest in Inherent Evil, as the same hotel architecture provides the haunting environment for each.

The re-release costs $9.99 (U.S.) plus shipping for an estimated eight hours of gameplay, and can be ordered directly from the developer's website.



Peek inside the criminal mind in the newest Law & Order game

Legacy Interactive has released a demo for its newest Law & Order game, Criminal Intent.

Criminal Intent breaks from the format of the previous L&O games by employing a third-person perspective and gameplay that's more focused on the psychological aspect of a police investigation. The player controls Detective Goren, star of the television series, as he investigates four interrelated murder cases. The 166MB download, which features a portion from the beginning of one of these cases, includes questioning a witness, speaking to the medical examiner, and searching the murder site for evidence.

Criminal Intent is now available for purchase from Legacy's website and other online retailers, and is making its way to brick and mortar stores across North America. To learn more about the game, see our recent interview with members of Criminal Intent's creative team.



Try out Bad Brain's first downloadable demo

Bad Brain has released a German, playable demo of Whispered Wor[l]d, one of their many upcoming adventure game projects. So far, not much info has been released on the title, but the colorful and cheerful graphics displayed in the recent screenshots will most likely be of interest to fans of traditional point & click adventures.

In Whispered Wor[l]d, players take on the role of Sadwick, a young boy who makes his living as a clown. One night, he meets a mysterious creature in one of his dreams who shows him a long way to enlightenment, and Sadwick decides to part from his family, along with his pet-worm, to uncover the secrets behind the dream.

Until now, Bad Brain Entertainment has been best known for their failed attempt to revive LucasArts' cancelled Sam & Max: Freelance Police, and this release marks the first time the general public will be able to try out one of Bad-Brain's upcoming adventures. No date has yet been set for an English demo, nor the game's release date, but stay tuned to Adventure Gamers as we will continue to bring you the latest news.



Not quite around the world, but a brief stopover in Bombay

For those anxiously waiting to travel the globe in 80 Days, the newest adventure from Frogwares, now's your chance to sample the journey, as today the English demo has been released. Weighing in over a hefty 650 MB's, dial-up users need not apply. For broadband users, the download is available from the usual sites like 3D Gamers and Gamers Hell.

The demo is fairly short, containing only a single goal, so its interactivity is not fully reflective of the final game. However, it'll put you in the shoes (or more accurately, slightly behind and over the shoulder) of Oliver Lavisheart, allowing you to freely roam the expansive city of Bombay, all fully rendered in real-time 3D.

Based loosely on the Jules Verne classic, 80 Days is set in 1899, and has Oliver racing to cross the world in a variety of creative vehicles. Seeking the patents to four inventions created by his eccentric uncle, Oliver will make stops in Cairo, San Francisco, Bombay and Yokohama. For more information about the game, be sure to read our E3 preview.

80 Days is due for release in North America near the end of October.



Ubisoft to publish the next game by Benoit Sokal

There will be no February blahs in 2006 for fans of Benoit Sokal, as today Ubisoft announced its plans to publish Paradise for PC in North America early next year.

Sokal is best known in the adventure community for his work on Amerzone and the Syberia games, but Paradise marks the first game released by his new development studio, White Birds Productions. A classic third-person point & click game, Paradise promises the same stylized artistic beauty of his previous games, though set this time in the heart of Africa. Players assume the role of Ann Smith, a young woman on a cross-continent journey to return a black leopard to Kilimanjaro, and discover more about her own identity in the process.

For a closer look at this highly-anticipated title, be sure to check out our E3 preview.



Countdown begins on the release of Agatha Christie's thriller

Mystery lovers should start packing for their trip to Shipwreck Island, as The Adventure Company has announced the gold status of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.

Based on the classic novel of the same name, this third-person adventure adaptation from AWE Games will cast players in the new role of Patrick Narracott, a boatman escorting ten strangers to a mysterious meeting with an unknown host. Trapped on the island, you'll soon discover that everyone invited has been accused of a crime deserving of death, and one by one, the guests begin dying. With everyone both a suspect and potential victim, the race is on to discover the killer before the countdown hits "none".

For more information about the game, visit the official website, and check out our recent interview with the game's developers.

And Then There Were None is due for release on November 8, 2005.



Fan sequel forced to shut down

King's Quest IX: Every Cloak Has a Silver Lining, the fan-made sequel to the classic King's Quest series has been served with a cease-and-desist order by Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. (the company that now owns all Sierra On-Line's copyrights).

This coincides with the recent option to prepurchase the rereleases of Sierra's classic adventures collections on Amazon.

The King's Quest IX project's full statement about the cancellation can be read on their site.



Interactive Fiction competition entries released to the public

It's that time of the year again - time to grab your parser, type "n" and "s" a few times and head on over to the IFComp2005 website for their eleventh annual competition. As in previous years judging is open to all, and the competition acts as a showcase for the remarkable talent that resides within the Interactive Fiction community.

If you want to get involved, you can head directly to the download page to grab the files. Each game is designed to be played in under two hours, so you won't need to worry about dedicating your life to the pursuit, while a diverse line-up of titles should ensure something for everyone.

The judging period runs until November 15th.



Can you crack the code?

No doubt inspired by Dan Brown's popular novel, The DaVinci Code, five companies, namely Nobilis, Elektrogames, Totem Studio, Kheops Studio and Mzone Studio, have announced their partnership in making DaVinci Experience. Nobilis holds the worldwide publishing rights for the game.

The press release is quite vague on detail, featuring more information on the late artist than the actual game, but players will embark on a mission to crack the codes hidden within DaVinci's artworks.

DaVinci Experience is slated for a Spring release, next year.



Debut title for spin-off series nears release

Crime may not pay, but Criminal Intent has gone gold, as Legacy Interactive's new Law & Order game leaps closer to release.

Unlike the previous games in the series, the new title is set in the spin-off world of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Using a third-person perspective, players assume the role of Detective Robert Goren, from NYPD's Major Case squad. Over the course of four different homicide cases, you'll employ traditional investigative methods as well as psychological interrogation techniques in your efforts to track down the killers at large.

Not only does the game use celebrity voiceovers, but the script was written by one the original writers of the television show. The result, as Legacy states confidently, is a game that will "have you feeling like you've stepped into an actual episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent."

For a more in-depth look at the game, be sure to read our E3 preview.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent is due to ship on October 18, 2005.