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July 2005



Not really, but get ready for more claymation adventure

If you've ever played Neverhood then you probably wondered: 'Why did they never make a sequel?'

Well, they sort of did, once. It was called Skullmonkeys, was a platformer made entirely out of clay, and had little to do with the Neverhood or Klaymen's little adventure.

But I digress. Didn't you also wonder why there weren't more games made out of clay? Then wonder no more. Akella, russian publisher, have announced a new claymation adventure in association with Trickster Games. The game, titled Tanita: Plasticine Dream, features a cute and simple story about a little plasticine girl, Tanita, who crashes her ship into a little island.

Check out the first ever screenshot from this game in development, over in our gallery.



Diversity and technology look to progress the genre

AG's own staffer Beiddie Rafól ends his 4 part editorial for on the state of adventure games on an optimistic yet cautious note.

Part 4 of The Cold Hotspot: A critique of the state of adventure games takes a look at many current and upcoming titles that should help the adventure game genre break the surface and overcome its obscurity in the past years:

"As discouraging as the state of the adventure game genre has been in the past several years, there is actually progress and betterment being achieved, if we stop and look closer. There are some trends being explored, new technology investigated, alternate ways for us to get games, and a gradual increase in games with more personality as well as higher quality. More importantly, there looks to be a hint of designing adventures to be more inviting and attractive to a larger market."



Western flavoured adventure gets online home on the range

Developer Revistronic has just launched their official site for Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge, the next adventure starring the titular cowboy hero.

The site features a synopsis of the game's story, brief profiles of the characters and technology used, and in-game screenshots. Expect Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge to launch in Q2 2006.



Classic adventure game will soon be portable

Going on daring adventures with George Stobbart and Nico Collard while commuting to work on the train or sitting in the doctor's office will soon be possible. Mobile games publisher Astraware and games developer Revolution Software have just announced that Broken Sword: Shadow Of The Templars will be ported to PDA devices.

"Broken Sword is ideal for the PDA," said Charles Cecil, managing director of Revolution Software, adding that the port to handhelds "will allow the game to reach an even broader audience."

The release date for the PDA port has yet to be announced.



White Birds Productions continue celebration of their fans

As promised, Benoît Sokal, Olivier Fontenay, Michel Bams, and the staff from White Birds Productions has just gifted us with the second half of their 2005 calendar of scenic views from their upcoming adventure, Paradise. The calendar comes in two resolutions, plus there is also a wallpaper should you desire, so grab them now from here.

Paradise is expected for release in February 2006 (Q1).



Episodic adventure previews next chapter

Indie developer Private Moon Studios gives us a peek at their next installment of the AGON series, AGON: Lost Sword Of Toledo, in its new site. Included in this site are such features as picturesque screenshots, concept art, a synopsis of the story, and downloadable wallpapers.

For more info on the AGON series check out our review of the first AGON installment and visit the game's official site at



First trailer gives a glimpse into Verne-inspired game

The Adventure Company has released a trailer for VOYAGE, Kheops Studio's upcoming game inspired by the science fiction novels of Jules Verne.

In VOYAGE, the player controls Michel Ardan, a turn-of-the-century explorer who has landed on the moon without the means of returning to Earth. His quest will include piecing together the events that led to his traveling companions' deaths, combing the eerie lunar landscape for supplies, and befriending a mysterious alien race. VOYAGE will feature an interface and inventory system similar to those in Kheops' acclaimed Return to Mysterious Island.

The trailer is about 37 MB and can be downloaded from">3D Gamers. To learn more about the game, see our E3 preview.



Third case adds significant new features

A new episode in the Gumshoe Online series has recently been released by developers Hiding Buffalo. "Something in the Water" is the third full case (along with a free introductory tutorial) available for purchase.

In this latest "twisted story of big business, blackmail and murder", it's your job to save Wheaton City from a plot to contaminate the city's water supply. The new internet-only mystery promises 7-9 hours of gameplay, more than 140 rooms to explore, and 23 characters to interrogate, along with a generous selection of puzzles.

Not content with the status quo, however, the developers have listened to early feedback, and incorporated several important elements missing from the previous cases. "Something in the Water" features save points, game music, and no time limits, which should greatly benefit the gameplay.

To play Gumshoe Online, head on over to the game's website. For background information about the series, check out the Adventure Gamers feature article.



Opening scene now available for download

Gamers anxiously awaiting Quantic Dream's upcoming Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy in North America) can finally get a first-hand look, as a playable demo has just been released. The European demo logs in at just under 300 MB, and is available for download from sites such as Gamer's Hell and 3D Gamers. The demo is offered in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Please note that, while not overly graphic, the demo does depict a brutal murder (by you, no less!), so age-appropriate caution is recommended.

For those who managed to miss the abundance of hype over this highly anticipated game, Fahrenheit casts the player in the role of Lucas Kane (and others as the game progresses), who attempts to stop a series of unexplained, seemingly random killings by complete strangers. This innovative title offers a previously unparalleled freedom to affect the course of the plot, along with many other innovative ways to interact with your environment.

Fahrenheit is scheduled for release on September 9th.



Paranormal psychological thriller game finalized

In an official announcement at developer Quantic Dream's site, it was announced today that Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit, as it will be titled for Europe) has just been finalized.

Note that this does not necessarily mean the game has gone gold, but that its production is done and that most likely a few little details would be sorted out (such as the entire Quantic Dream team exhaling).

Indigo Prophecy will be released this September 9 simultaneously for Playstation 2, Xbox, and the PC. For more on this game read our E3 preview and visit the game's official site.



Long-rumoured announcement reveals September release

In an announcement that officially confirms a long-running rumour, The Adventure Company today revealed its plan to publish NIBIRU: Age of Secrets in North America.

Developed by the creators of The Black Mirror and released in various languages throughout Europe already, NIBIRU is an updated and improved version of Posel Bohu, or The Messenger of the Gods, which won Czech adventure game of the year for 1998.

A third-person, traditional point & click adventure, the game features 80 graphically-rich locations and over 35 non-player characters as it follows the exploits of a linguistics and archeology student named Martin Holan. What begins for Holan as a simple examination of a mysterious World War II tunnel quickly becomes what TAC describes as "a dangerous and thrilling mystery, where murder, deception, the deep dark secrets of the Nazis, and the demise of the Mayan civilization, have our hero reeling into the heart of an exhilarating adventure."

For more detailed information, you can read about the game in the Adventure Gamers preview.

NIBIRU: Age of Secrets is scheduled for a September 2005 release.



Horror returns to commercial IF in Malinche's new title

On July 15th, Malinche Entertainment further carved out a place for modern-day commercial Interactive Fiction (and itself as an industry leader) with the release of its fourth game, The First Mile, on multiple platforms.

The First Mile is the first commercial horror-themed text adventure since Infocom's The Lurking Horror in 1987. For those thinking nothing has changed in the world of IF since then, think again. Malinche Implementor Howard Sherman claims the game "clearly demonstrates what modern technology is capable of. Thanks to the computing power available today, The First Mile is almost four times the size of The Lurking Horror in terms of gaming area with many more non-player characters than was found in that title. The game has nearly a dozen different endings and almost every puzzle has multiple solutions."

With the tagline, "Running out of gas can be hell", Malinche sets the stage for impending psychological terror in The First Mile by saying: "The back roads of Arkansas can be tricky, even under the best circumstances. An ominous red light on your dashboard forces you to take the next exit from Interstate Highway 40 West and navigate the dirt roads in search of the promised land of a gas station. The anticipation of a full tank of gas, a refreshing bottle of water and perhaps even some good food draws you into the sleepy little town of Dead Rock, Arkansas. Unfortunately for you, the town's name is well earned and it's not half as sleepy as it seems to be."

Malinche promises a diverse range of realistic and compelling characters, along with a wide array of hellish beasts to complement the 'trapped' atmosphere in The First Mile, in addition to providing a "full-blown puzzlefest in its own right with several challenges that will confront the player in every way imaginable."

A Folio Edition of The First Mile is available for $29.95 (U.S.) plus shipping worldwide, and can be played on virtually any modern computer, including versions for Windows, Mac, and Pocket PC, among others. As a new feature, the game is also playable on an iPod. It's also possible to download the Interactive Fiction version for $19.95, or the iPod version for $9.95. For ordering and more information, head on over to the Malinche website.



Short game competition entries available

The AGS forums recently had its second One Room, One Week Competition, wherein AGS members try to create a short, one-room, game in under a week. There were 13 entries this time. The entries can be downloaded here. Voting will open shortly.



Funcom in talks with Microsoft

At Comic-Con International in San Diego, California, a Funcom representative revealed to Adventure Gamers that Microsoft has been in talks with Dreamfall developer Funcom regarding the possibility of bringing the sequel to The Longest Journey to the Xbox 360. Planned for a North American launch this fall, the Xbox 360 is Microsoft's successor to its current Xbox game console. Dreamfall has already been confirmed for PC and Xbox; the Funcom representative did not comment on whether or not a 360 release would impact the existence of the regular Xbox version, nor did he comment on the ability of the game's team to take advantage of the 360's superior hardware this far along into the game's development.

Keep an eye on Adventure Gamers for more news on this matter if and when it becomes available.

Updated 7/18/05, 10:35pm by Doug Tabacco: Ragnar Tornquist updated his blog this evening in response, stating that an Xbox 360 release is not planned at this time.

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