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December 2004



Shiver your way out of 2004...

Just in time to scare you into the new year, Nucleosys recently announced that Scratches is coming out very soon. A demo to this upcoming supernatural themed point-&-clicker is available. The full game will be released in Q1 2005.

Until then, grab the 45MB demo from the official site. Alternate mirrors are at 3D Gamers, Gamer's Hell, and Worthplaying. A smaller, previously released interactive teaser (7.7MB, in English or Spanish) can also be downloaded from the game's site.

Also check out our own preview of Scratches for more info.



LucasFan Games interviewed about MMD

Wired News have posted an article that mentions both LucasFan Games' excellent Maniac Mansion Deluxe fan remake and AGDI's King's Quest remakes [I & II+].



The web of mystery spins out soon

Gumshoe Online, the 1930s themed sleuthing adventure, is scheduled to debut on the 19th of this month:

"Set in 1930's America, Gumshoe Online puts you in the shoes of a private detective trying to scrape a living in a corrupt city. By exploring crime scenes, finding clues, interviewing suspects and solving puzzles you'll discover the evidence to unlock the case.

Unlike traditional computer games, Gumshoe Online uses web technology and is therefore available to anyone with an Internet connection; because no software is downloaded you can play Gumshoe Online at any computer, just log on and continue the case from where you last played."

Check out the game's official site for more info, including screenshots.



Point-&-click not the best here investigated CSI: Miami and had this to report:


"Point-and-click adventures can be great, but more often than not they end up being tedious and mundane. CSI: Miami falls squarely into the latter category, despite the high production values and being so faithful to the source material."




Handsome graphics bow down to story, premise

Four Fat Chicks investigated the conspiracy in The Moment Of Silence:


"These days, we succumb to so many game ads about the latest and most powerful graphics and surround sound, yet we hear little about story and writing, the underpinnings that support and create the very best games. Graphics and sound are certainly present in spades, but it is the outstanding premise, story and dialogue that really make The Moment of Silence such a satisfying, even remarkable gaming experience."




Screenshots expected soon

Developer Frogwares have just given us their Christmas gift, announcing the third Sherlock Holmes game now just being undertaken. From their developer's site:

"Great news for all adventure game fans - Frogwares started work on third part of adventures of the greatest detective of all times, Sherlock Holmes. Incredible graphic, gripping story and unexpected ending. Come back soon to see screenshots."

Stayed tuned for more breaking news about this upcoming game, and if you haven't already done so, check out our review of Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring.



Ho, ho, ho and a merry review this christmas as IGN.PC tell us their opinion on CSI: Miami. They end up giving it an overall rating of 6.0:


CSI Miami isn't actually a bad game. Indeed my girlfriend, who is also a fan of the series, loved it. However given that we have seen the same formula twice before and the Miami crew are a bit dull this iteration is only likely to appeal to diehards.


Read the rest of the review here.



Just in time for Christmas, the ScummVM team has put out a new version of their popular utility which allows many classic adventures to work on modern systems. The new ScummVM (version 0.7.0) is available for download here - just grab the ScummVM edition for your system of choice from the "release binaries" section.

New in this version is preliminary support for 26 kids point and click adventures from Humongous Entertainment (Putt Putt, Pajama Sam, etc), smooth background scrolling for Full Throttle, The Dig, and Curse of Monkey Island, broader audio compression support (including support for compressed dialogue and music files in Broken Sword 1 and 2), and native support for Mac LucasArts games (in past versions Mac users had to run a converter utility before playing, now the games work right off the original disc).

If that isn't enough news, the ScummVM team is also pleased to announce that they're giving their website a long-awaited makeover, now that the winner of their website design contest has been decided.

For more information on ScummVM, as well as free (legal!) downloadable copies of classic adventures Beneath a Steel Sky and Flight of the Amazon Queen, visit



The Dreamfall site has got a christmas surprise for everyone. Instead of giving us a christmas card, with the usual decor, they opted for a media update. With some juicy new concept art and a couple of new screenshots, showing off Zoë in full 3D glory, it's quite some christmas gift.

Check out the new concept art and the screenshots for even more reasons to celebrate this christmas.



dtp entertainment AG have released the first screenshots of the prequel to Tony Tough, where you learn more about this first case at a younger age.

Sporting 3D graphics and a point and click interface, Tony Tough: A Rake's Progress has much promise.

[image=2510] [image=2511]

These screenshots can also be found in our gallery database.



The Adventure Company has announced that Sentinel: Descendants in Time has been shipped and is now available at retailers across North America.

From the progressive creators of Schizm (Mysterious Journey) and Mysterious Journey 2, Sentinel casts the player as Beni, a treasure seeker exploring the legendary Tastan Tombs, the legacy of an extinct people. Guarding the tombs, however, is a holographic sentinel with advanced A.I., a mysterious and formidable adversary who won't meekly allow the Tombs to surrender their secrets.

Sentinel promises plenty of puzzles throughout eight richly designed worlds, all brought to life in real-time, full 3D, yet with an intuitive interface that any point & click lover can master.

For more information, check out the official site or the TAC product page. And in case you missed it earlier, there's a demo available here.



We've got a jam-packed session of review going on for everyone today.

First up, Xequted have got a review up for Law & Order: Justice is Served where it scores 36 points out of 50:


Overall, we would definitely say that the game is a success. Sure it isn’t Halo 2 or World of Warcraft, but it does the job it needs to and still stands on its own really well. If you are a fan of the TV series or are part of the dying breed of adventure game fans (or both), you really cannot go wrong with Law and Order: Justice is Served.


Read the full review here.

Next there's a review over at Worthplaying of Return to Mysterious Island. They give it an 8.7 out of 10:


What we've got here, really, is a very solid and fun adventure game. It's a little too short, but there's a good bit of replay value, since you score points for solving puzzles in different ways and with different item combinations and every hundred points unlocks some bonus artwork. I also found it rather easy, but that may have been just me. Return to Mysterious Island has a likable main character (who I hope we see more of in the future), a brief but entertaining plotline, and enough clues to keep you moving along steadily when you get stuck. Fans of the novel will get a treat seeing some of the locations described there rendered out in front of them, and people who've never heard of the novel will still find a worthwhile game.


Read this review here.

Loadedinc recommends Moment of Silence, giving it a score of 8 out of 10:


Overall, Moment of Silence does a lot of things for an adventure title. It does most of them well, with very few mistakes. For anyone looking for a solid, entertaining, modern adventure game, Moment of Silence is definitely recommended.


Read the review here.



Yet another Bad Mojo: Redux review up at Four Fat Chicks. They end up with a verdict of a smiling gold star. Groovy.


For those who've never played the original, Bad Mojo Redux is a must-have. Load it up and see what all the shouting was about. For those who've played the Win3.1 version, Bad Mojo Redux is what the game should have looked like and, when coupled with the companion DVD, is the deal of the year.


Read the full review here.



DIYGames have just released the latest of their Independent Adventuring articles. Looking back over the November releases for both graphic adventures and interactive fiction, it covers all of the major events of last month, and so is well worth a look.

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