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Recently released Adventure Games

Showing new adventure games recently released, ordered by date and in any territory. If you're looking for upcoming releases, check out the upcoming adventure game releases page.

» Coktel Vision / Coktel Vision
iPad, PC

Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon  1993

Two feisty imps, seven killer Kingdoms, and very little time! Mischief, mayhem, and mirth await. A foul fiend has nabbed the Prince! With your help, Fingus and Winkle can rescue him. All is not lost (yet).

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» Capstone / Manley & Associates

An American Tale: Fievel Goes West  1993

Based on the popular children's movies... from the mean streets of turn-of-the-century New York City to the dusty plains of the Old West, join Fievel Mousekewitz in his quest to reach his family and foil the fiendish schemes of the Mott Street Maulers and the Cat R. Waul gang.

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» AdventureSoft / AdventureSoft
Android, iPad, PC

Simon the Sorcerer  1993

Join Simon, the hippest sorcerer around, as he is magically transported into an enchanting new dimension of bizarre interactive animation. Simon is not your ordinary sorcerer – he’s an adolescent with an attitude, involuntarily, and perhaps regrettably entrusted with a mystical quest to save Calypso from the evil wizard Sordid.

» Tsunami Media / Tsunami Media

Blue Force  1993

You are Jake Ryan, rookie motorcycle cop. Ten years have passed since the unsolved murder of your parents, but threads of evidence still exist. Teamed with your father's partner, you begin to weave the all-but-forgotten strands together. As your past comes into focus, the line between justice and vengeance begins...

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» Psygnosis / Divide By Zero

Innocent Until Caught  1993

Jack T. Ladd is a man in debt. And the tax man hates to wait. On a world that spans 3 planets, 1 Cloud City, and at least 4 bars, it’s up to you to pay back the tax man, clear your name and get yourself included in a huge...

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» Merit Software / Castleworks Gameware

Kronolog: The Nazi Paradox  1993

It’s the year 2020 and the Nazi victors of World War II control a world on the brink of ecological disaster. You alone hold the key that can stop their insane destruction of the planet.

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» Virgin / Westwood Studios

The Legend of Kyrandia: The Hand of Fate (Fables & Fiends)  1993

The land of Kyrandia is disappearing piece by piece and you are the offbeat, young mystic who must voyage to the center of the world to break the curse and save it. Your surreal journey will twist even the sharpest of minds.

» LucasArts / LucasArts
Mac, PC, Linux

Sam & Max Hit the Road  1993

Yikes! Grab your nightstick, squeal like a siren, and Hit the Road with Sam & Max, Freelance Police, as they attempt to crack their toughest case. Sam (a canine shamus) and Max (a hyperkinetic rabbity thing) are hot on the trail of a runaway carnival Bigfoot across America’s quirky underbelly...

» Infogrames / Infogrames

Shadow of the Comet  1993

The year is 1910. The small fishing port of Illsmouth is a sleepy New England town where time seems to stand still. Appearances can be very deceiving, however... Beneath the peaceful tranquility, a horrifying truth lingers. Now young astronomer John T. Carter must determine if there is a link between...

» Legend Entertainment / Legend Entertainment
Mac, PC, Linux

Eric the Unready  1993

Eric the Unready established his reputation by impaling his instructor during jousting class. Then, when Princess Lorealle the Worthy is kidnapped, Eric begins a madcap quest through this hilarious fantasy world packed with dragons and dwarves, wizards, unicorns, and the most fearsome beasts of all, the dreaded Attack Turtles. From...

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» Capstone / Capstone

Wayne’s World  1993

Join Wayne and Garth to help them save their show from going off the air. All they need is $50,000. Chi-ching! A most excellent Pizza-Thon will to the trick if all goes as planned. Shyeahh! Rightt! And monkeys might fly out of your butt. DRAG, the Decency Referendum Against Grossness,...

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» Sierra On-Line / Sierra On-Line

Police Quest: Open Season (Daryl F. Gates’)  1993

Someone’s on a killing spree, and it’s up to you to solve a string of seemingly random murders. Some clues may bring you closer to the killer. Some lead down blind alleys. You must find the killer before he strikes again. Play it by the book and you might just...

» Sierra On-Line / Sierra On-Line

Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness  1993

Dark magic has drawn you to Mordavia. Undead creatures walk the forests by night. Everyone you meet seems strange and uneasy. It’s up to you to make friends, influence people, and unravel the mysteries of the Dark One – all before breakfast.

» Sierra On-Line / Sierra On-Line

EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest  1993

Lost Secret of the Rainforest is a trek through lush jungles, mysterious caverns, and ancient ruins atop craccy, mist-covered peaks, requiring you to defeat real-life dangers threatening the rainforests of South America. As you explore this exotic ecosystem, you will encounter endangered animal species, rare flora, and remote native cultures....

» Virgin / Trilobyte
Android, Mac, PC

The 7th Guest  1993

Henry Stauf’s mansion has been abandoned for as long as anyone dare remember. Stauf was a master toymaker, a maker of amazing puzzles – and this strange house was his greatest creation. Now, the mansion stands empty, rotting ever since the children started dying, ever since the six guests came....

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