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What's New?

1 May 2019
Nothing Happened hoping for lots of activity on Kickstarter

Choice-driven, nonlinear adventure seeking €6,000 by May 26th for PC and console release.

1 May 2019
Epitasis completes development on Windows and Mac

Talos Principle-style 3D puzzler available now on Steam and itch.io; PS4 and Xbox One versions coming later.

30 Apr 2019
First three chapters of Tales of the Neon Sea sail onto Steam

Initial segment of larger story arc contains 12-15 hours of gameplay, with the rest to follow as free DLC this fall. 

30 Apr 2019
Don’t Escape unleashes new name for 4 Days in the Wasteland

Subtitle now known as '4 Days to Survive' to avoid confusion with inXile's popular RPG series.

29 Apr 2019
New trailer reveals Peter McConnell behind Irony Curtain

Acclaimed LucasArts composer provides main theme for upcoming political satire from Artifex Mundi.

28 Apr 2019
Elsinore draws closer with pre-launch trailer

Long-awaited time-looping adventure due out on Windows, Mac and Linux on June 24th.

27 Apr 2019
Trailer for next installment of Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror unleashed

The Tied Corpse to continue the four-part, culturally authentic horror anthology on PC as DLC on May 14th.

26 Apr 2019
Lorelai springs to life on Windows PC

New psychological horror from the creator of The Cat Lady available now on Steam and GOG.

26 Apr 2019
The Death of Erin Myers uncovered on PC

First of a planned five-part anthology of short stories available now on Steam and itch.io

26 Apr 2019
New trailer, launch date emerge for BLACKSAD: Under the Skin

Pendulo's comic-based 1950s anthropomorphic animal mystery coming to PC and consoles on September 26th.

26 Apr 2019
Layers of Fear 2 building towards May 28th release

Lengthy gameplay video out of PAX East showcases upcoming horror sequel from Bloober Team.

25 Apr 2019
Yuppie Psycho set loose on Steam

Surreal retro-styled survival horror available now for download on Windows and Mac.

24 Apr 2019
Playable Prologue shows a little Backbone on Steam

Demo introduces upcoming 'noir-inspired detective adventure' starring a raccoon private eye.

24 Apr 2019
Deponia recycled on Xbox One and Switch

Full Deponia Collection with all four games now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

23 Apr 2019
The Little Acre plots its expansion onto Android devices

Hand-drawn point-and-click fantasy adventure is available for download now on Google Play.

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