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25 Jan 2015
Supernatural mystery Goetia gets Kickstarted

24 Jan 2015
Contradiction ready to try on iPad

Lengthy teaser trailer heralds new FMV murder mystery; PC version to follow.

24 Jan 2015
Sci-fi mystery leads to Murder later this year

23 Jan 2015
Cthulhu’s name invoked in comic Lovecraft spoof Gibbous

22 Jan 2015
The Lost Lords are coming in Game of Thrones: Episode Two

Trailer heralds February 3 launch on PC, Mac, and PSN; other versions later next week.

22 Jan 2015
Horror-adventure Missing appears on the horizon

21 Jan 2015
Early news of K’NOSSOS dug up

18 Jan 2015
Yes, Virginia, there is a surreal interactive drama coming

17 Jan 2015
Zoetrope Interactive to scale Lovecraft’s Mountains of Madness

16 Jan 2015
Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor: Book II now open

15 Jan 2015
Tengami pops up on PC and Mac

Japanese-styled paper-based adventure now available through Steam and the Mac App Store.

14 Jan 2015
else Heart.Break() beating path to first-half 2015 release

14 Jan 2015
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 set to open February 20th

13 Jan 2015
Supreme League of Patriots open to all January 29th

Phoenix Online to publish all three comic superhero episodes simultaneously.

12 Jan 2015
Less than twelve months to time-looping Twelve Minutes

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