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E3 2017: Daedalic Entertainment preview

The German company was stateside to support their latest adventure game projects at this year's busy convention.

PS4 Jun 21, 2017

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier review

The zombie survivor franchise is still alive with plenty of bite, though the third season covers a lot of familiar ground.

PS4 Jun 5, 2017

Night in the Woods review

This stylish slacker drama branches into intriguing darker themes, but is too rooted in aimless repetition to build any momentum.

PS4 Jun 2, 2017

The Sexy Brutale review

This stylishly entertaining time-looping murder mystery successfully manages to mask its few limitations.

PS4 May 26, 2017

Full Throttle Remastered review

The Tim Schafer biker adventure still sputters when the action heats up, but benefits from new detailing on an already classic model.

PS VitaPS4 May 15, 2017

What Remains of Edith Finch review

This creative, emotionally powerful exploration of a family's tragic past soars to impressive storytelling heights.

PS4 May 12, 2017


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>observer_ teaser

PC PS PS4 Xbox Xbox One
Jun 23, 2017

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

gameplay clip
PC PS PS4 Xbox Xbox One
Jun 20, 2017



What's New? (PS3, PS4, Vita)
24 Jun 2017
Behold, a developer video for >observer_

Cyberpunk horror from Layers of Fear creators coming to PC and consoles this summer.

20 Jun 2017
Before the Storm comes Life Is Strange prequel footage

Twenty-minute gameplay video shows off upcoming three-part miniseries coming to PC and consoles.

15 Jun 2017
Ubisoft, Elijah Wood’s company attached to Transference

Psychological virtual reality thriller unveiled at E3 and due out in spring 2018.

12 Jun 2017
Forecast: More Life Is Strange with prequel announcement

New three-part series "Before the Storm" coming to PC and consoles in August.

8 Jun 2017
Pendulo and Microids announce the happy news about Blacksad

New comic-based mystery adventure coming to PC and consoles late next year.


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June 6 2017 Digital


Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Based on the H.P. Lovecraft novella At the Mountains of Madness
June 6 2017 Digital

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series - Episode Two: Under Pressure

Platform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

May 30 2017 Worldwide

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Platform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One