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Adventure Game coverage

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Latest reviews for adventure games

Paradise Lost

review Paradise Lost

There's little gameplay but plenty of compelling atmosphere to be found this alternate-history exploratory adventure set within a grand underground Nazi installation.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

review Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

The narrative goes to some odd places, but this isometric puzzler packs a big-time challenge into its many miniature village locations.


review NUTS

You'd be crazy to pass up this boldly designed, delightfully unique nature sim with a surprisingly compelling story to crack at the center of it all.

Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness

review Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness

Though its production values are much higher, this Lovecraftian murder mystery isn't quite as fleshed out as its less ambitious predecessor.


review Mørkredd

Though this atmospheric physics puzzler centered around light and shadow can be enjoyed solo, it shines brightest when played with a partner in two-player co-op.


review Devotion

Those who relish a more personal, dread-filled type of horror than abject terror will feel great affection for Red Candle's long-awaited follow-up to Detention.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

review Lost Words: Beyond the Page

This dual-world side-scroller has lovely pictures and a thoughtfully written story, though you won't find much gameplay complexity or challenge here.

Inspector Waffles

review Inspector Waffles

This amusing retro-styled investigative adventure pops up to the top of the ever-expanding catalogue of anthropomorphic animal mysteries.

Five Top Upcoming Adventure Games in April 2021

video preview Five Top Upcoming Adventure Games in April 2021

April will be showering some great new adventures on us, and our monthly trailer compilation is here so you don't need to fumble around to find them.


review Voyage

It's short and easy whether played solo or co-op, but this painterly side-scroller is all about the lovely, pleasant journey rather than the destination.

Alien Function

review Alien Function

The Sir Typhil fantasy series goes to space, where it works surprisingly well in this enjoyable point-and-click romp that's suitable for newcomers and existing fans alike.

New and upcoming adventure games

CRASH: Autodrive rolls onto Steam - Game Announcement

CRASH: Autodrive rolls onto Steam

Free prologue also available for visual novel-styled murder mystery released for Windows PC.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to be ushered in July 27th - Game Announcement

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to be ushered in July 27th

Collection of ten Victorian-era cases starring ancestor of Phoenix Wright unveiled for PC, PS4 and Switch.

First look offers glimpse of Last Stop - Game Announcement

First look offers glimpse of Last Stop

Multi-character, third-person London adventure from the creators of Virginia coming to PC and consoles in July.

Marcella Moon to come around again in Curse of the Black Cat - Game Announcement

Marcella Moon to come around again in Curse of the Black Cat

Third installment in Nancy Drew-styled mystery series unveiled for October release.

Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice detected on PC and mobile devices - Game Announcement

Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice detected on PC and mobile devices

Co-op investigative mystery available now for download on Steam, itch.io, the App Store and Google Play.

AYUDA spotted on PC and iOS devices - Game Announcement

AYUDA spotted on PC and iOS devices

Treasure-hunting island adventure from the creator of MISTICO available now for download on itch.io and the App Store.

First details received for Oxenfree II: Lost Signals - Game Announcement

First details received for Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

Sequel to 2016 story-driven supernatural thriller coming later this year to PC and Switch.

TOEM being developed for summer release - Game Announcement

TOEM being developed for summer release

Isometric 'wholesome' adventure in black and white unveiled for Windows and Mac.

First details unearthed for The Magnificent Trufflepigs - Game Announcement

First details unearthed for The Magnificent Trufflepigs

Firewatch-style 'romantic, metal-detecting' adventure coming to PC and Switch this summer.

7 Years From Now to reach PC and Switch in less than two months - Game Announcement

7 Years From Now to reach PC and Switch in less than two months

Optimized ports of former mobile-exclusive, voxel art narrative adventure to launch on Steam and the Nintendo eShop May 28th.

Invasive Recall spreads to Kickstarter - Game Announcement

Invasive Recall spreads to Kickstarter

SCUMM-styled, futuristic cyberpunk adventure for PC and mobile devices seeks crowdfunding for 2022 release.

Internet Court is now in session on Windows, Mac and Linux - Game Announcement

Internet Court is now in session on Windows, Mac and Linux

FMV courtroom comedy like a 'live-action Phoenix Wright' available now for download on Steam.

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Adventure Games Media

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Dedicated to Adventure Games

Adventure Gamers started as a humble fan site in 1998 but grew into one of the premier online magazines of its kind and the largest English-language website devoted to the adventure genre. We specialize in covering computer and video games that focus on puzzle solving within a narrative framework, from the oldest text and graphic adventures (such as Zork, King’s Quest, and Monkey Island) up through today’s upcoming releases (such as The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Happy Game, STASIS: BONE TOTEM, and Life Is Strange: True Colors).

Popular Adventure Games


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

A collection of ten cases starring the ancestor of Phoenix Wright in the late nineteenth century.
Happy Game


Happy Game

A psychedelic horror adventure that represents a radical departure from Amanita’s usual charming, family-friendly style.



An all-new story from The Brotherhood in the same universe as STASIS and CAYNE.
Life Is Strange: True Colors


Life Is Strange: True Colors

An all-new, non-episodic installment in DONTNOD's popular narrative adventures series developed by Deck Nine Games.



A surreal new point-and-click adventure from the creators of Primordia.
Syberia: The World Before


Syberia: The World Before

A new game from Benoît Sokal and Microïds continuing the story of Kate Walker.
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One


Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

A prequel in Frogwares' long-running series starring a young Sherlock Holmes solving his mother's murder.



A story-driven road trip from the creators of Dreamfall.



A new steampunk adventure from the creators of Myst and Obduction.
Based on reader feedback and the staff's assessment of preview material and press demos. Hover titles for details.

What are (point and click) adventure games?

Adventure games are all about stories, exploring worlds and solving puzzles. Adventure games focus on puzzle solving within a narrative framework, generally with few or no action elements. Other popular names for this genre are “graphic adventure” or “point and click adventure”, but these represent only part of a much broader, diverse range of games.

Adventure Gamers is the #1 source for comprehensive coverage of the Adventure Game genre, our Adventure Games database has details of over 5000 Adventure Games! Use the Discover feature, to search through our database to uncover hidden gems that match exactly your preferences, or directly search the database based on specified keywords.

We provide the latest Adventure Game reviews, an overview of the very best Adventure Games to date, more then 10 years coverage of our yearly re-occuring Adventure Game Awards (Aggie Awards), as well as covering new Adventure Games as they are announced. Looking for the very best all-time adventure games? Be sure to checkout our Top 100 All-Time Adventure Games list!

Want to know more about Adventure Games? Read our What are Adventure Games article, to get a more elaborate description on Adventure Games. Stay up to date on the latest by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, following us on Twitter or on Facebook.

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Happy Game




Life Is Strange: True Colors




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Sally Face: Episode One – Strange Neighbors


Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry


Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery


Paradise Lost


Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness

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