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Reader reviews for Our Secret Below

Adventure Gamers Reader reviews, read what other adventure gamers think of Our Secret Below.

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Rating by My Dune posted on Nov 16, 2020 | edit | delete

More a warning

This is more of a warning than a review.
I love escape room games and that’s what you get initially. I am definitely not going to say that I think this is a bad game, but why I have personally stopped playing and this is not a game for me.
You play a young woman who has been captured in a basement somewhere. To escape you will have to solve puzzles and you will gradually find out why you are there.
I think I played for about an hour and have now unraveled some nice puzzles. But then my fun playing time changed completely. So I was busy puzzling, but suddenly your kidnapper is behind you and you are caught ...... game over. You then have to start all over again. I dare not say for sure, but apparently you have to escape within a certain time. That is exactly what I personally dislike. Personally, I love to take my time and also hate having to find or fix things again.
It is made a bit easier for you by post-it leaves that you can leave behind. When you have solved a puzzle, you can leave the solution with a post-it for when you have to start over again. It is then just a matter of consulting and entering the post-it. Having to start over has therefore been made somewhat easier.
For me personally the fun has already gone and this is not a game for me. Someone else can of course appreciate this gameplay and will have a lot of fun with this game.

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Time Played: Under 1 hour
Difficulty: Hard

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