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Reader reviews for Black Sails: The Ghost Ship

Adventure Gamers Reader reviews, read what other adventure gamers think of Black Sails: The Ghost Ship.

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Latest reader reviews

Stars - 25

Rating by Relic posted on Sep 4, 2017 | edit | delete

"But alas, it is 1888, and I am but a woman who..."

...must submit to casual violence from a stranger and then heal him in order to obtain items necessary to complete the quest. Although the game states your dialogue will effect how things play, the only significant choice occurs at the end. Until then you must help this impediment to a speedy progression. At the outset your relationship with Lex is strained, possibly due to the fact you’re wearing trousers, a jailable offense for another 30+ years. This escalated to the point where I would have loved to watch him bleed out on the floor on the Captain’s Cabin. Fortunately it only one requires one to manipulate a lifeboat.
The Graphics and atmosphere were suitably haunting. This type of third person navigation leads to a lot of missed items as you painfully try to manipulate your avatar to see all angles of the rooms. Also the dialogue was unable to cope with you moving too far ahead, resulting in Lex demanding I get my head together and solve problems I’d already resolved. Finally, anachronisms aside, the attempt to insert this episode into actual historical events seems unnecessary, especially since the fate of said vessel was not the same.

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Time Played: 2-5 hours

Stars - 40

Rating by itseme posted on Oct 10, 2015 | edit | delete

Stars - 40

Rating by wiadp1 posted on Mar 20, 2014 | edit | delete

Stars - 40

Rating by Cortina posted on Aug 4, 2013 | edit | delete

Stars - 25

Rating by Abnaxus posted on Oct 10, 2015 | edit | delete

Stars - 30

Rating by troninho posted on Oct 22, 2015 | edit | delete

Stars - 35

Rating by My Dune posted on Feb 11, 2016 | edit | delete

Stars - 35

Rating by scorp18 posted on Mar 24, 2019 | edit | delete

Stars - 20

Rating by ninepointone posted on Aug 12, 2019 | edit | delete

Stars - 35

Rating by walas74 posted on Mar 18, 2021 | edit | delete

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