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Reader reviews for RHEM 4: The Golden Fragments

Adventure Gamers Reader reviews, read what other adventure gamers think of RHEM 4: The Golden Fragments.

Average Reader Rating for RHEM 4: The Golden Fragments

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Latest reader reviews

Stars - 50

Rating by Houie posted on Jun 24, 2014 | edit | delete

Great Game. Like Myst, without the crazy amount of reading.

Play time: ~30 hours

The trilogy was excellent and this 4th entry in the series does NOT disappoint. The games challenge your brain and provide many places and puzzles to explore. I love how the game creator took the time to create unique puzzles that require you to be attentive to your environment and require you to piece together things that you have discovered in multiple different locations. The best part is that the puzzles make sense (most of the time), so when you get the “AHA” moment when you realize how to solve a puzzle, it is extra special.

I also love how the game is family friendly and non-violent. A part of this is due to the fact that there is not a huge story to the game - it is mostly explorative and puzzly. But I believe the designer did consciously choose to make the game family friendly and I give him props for this.

Rhem 2 is still my favorite, but Rhem 4 comes very close. I believe this to be personal preference on the setting/environment; I enjoy digging around in tunnels more than being outside I guess? Smile Rhem 4 has very interesting puzzles and game environments from my perspective. It’s actually quite awe-inspiring how the developer can continue to come up with these puzzles.

One area of improvement would be the graphics. Considering the release date of the game, the graphics could have been better (higher resolution notably). Although I understand there are limited developer resources for this.

I hope he continues making more games like these as they are hard to find.

PS: Bring your own music (in my opinion, this is more of a Pro than a Con!)

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Time Played: Over 20 hours
Difficulty: Hard

Stars - 50

Rating by smulan posted on Nov 17, 2013 | edit | delete

Holistic rivenesque puzzleing

This is a game with style and class. It requires good thinking, a taste for arts and letters, and a pencil and a notepad for taking notes. Besides that it’s just a brilliant game.

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Time Played: Over 20 hours
Difficulty: Hard

Stars - 35

Rating by Oscar posted on Sep 6, 2012 | edit | delete

Stars - 50

Rating by Martyr posted on Jun 26, 2019 | edit | delete

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