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Stars - 40

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Rating by no-cheating posted on Apr 7, 2015 | edit | delete

One of the few best computer games I have ever played. Huge detailed world with very refined story, even whole history. It really is a work of art packaged as a video game. I also give very big warm up to the puzzles, which are hard (I found modern adventure games much too easy), but never ridiculous and illogical. The problem for some might be the feeling of being lost - too many locations and things to do with hardly any linearity and none “leading by the hand” from the game. I considered it an advantage though.

I totally recommend giving this site a read after you finish the game: It contains a lot of background info, explaining meaning and genesis of ridiculous number of things in the game. After reading it you will admire the creators ambitions even more.

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Time Played: Over 20 hours
Difficulty: Very Hard

Stars - 40

Rating by certmcgurt posted on Jan 24, 2015 | edit | delete

Stars - 50

Rating by clp920 posted on Nov 23, 2014 | edit | delete

Stars - 40

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