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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

Adventure Games starting with the P-YEAR

We have 186 adventure games in our database that start with the P. If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 2 (of 16).
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Calligram Studios  (2021)

Phoenix Springs

When Iris finally locates the young man she met in a bar, something is not right.

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Purple Jam  (2021)

Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story

Pitch Black is a narrative-driven, 3D binaural audio game (entirely accessible to the blind and visually impaired community) with multiple innovative mechanics based on psycho-acoustic principles.

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Innovina Interactive Studio Kiku  (2021)

The Plane Effect

The Plane Effect puts you in the shoes of Solo, a lonely office worker on his final day at the office and it is time to return to your beautiful family.

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Jani Fučka, Tine Grbec and Gašper Čefarin  (2021)


Three centuries ago, infamous Planet Hunter Olygoz stashed a dozen of the rarest type of planetary cores somewhere deep in the unexplored parts of planetary system.

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Chaotic Fusion  (2021)

The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure

You are Tex Murphy, a typical 1940s gumshoe detective. Except it’s the 2050s.

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WrongPixel  (2021)

Port Valley

The (not so) classic Point & Click adventure where perspective changes everything! Witness Port Valley’s Election Day from 3 points of view and find out what’s really going on in this bizarre town.

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Catch Light Interactive  (2021)

Project 4: New Light City – Chapter One

An inexplicable string of murder-suicides are plaguing New Light City, the capital of a Post-Election world.

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MediaTale  (2021)

Psych (MediaTale’s)

You are a murderer. You, Alexander Green, are a goddamn murderer.

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Joel Mayer Productions  (2021)


It’s a peaceful night in the Swiss Alps when four students are on their way home from a wild night out.

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StoryTale Studios  (2020)

Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror – The Hungry Witch

Having just moved to a remote area on Bali Island, a new mother named Jessica decides to stay at home alone with her baby when her husband is away.

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StoryTale Studios  (2020)

Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror – The Little Devil

Explore an old Japanese Dutch-colonial mansion to find the inheritance Putri’s grandfather left for her and reveal the secret behind his wealth.

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Pixel Reef  (2020)

Paper Beast

Paper Beast lets intrepid player-explorers discover a blossoming virtual world where the environments and quirky animals have independently evolved from lost code and forgotten data.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3.5

Recommended Adventure Games starting with P

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Dripping with atmosphere, the sights and sounds of a lost end-of-the-world Nazi installation make up for a lack of interaction in Paradise Lost.

Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer

An investigative adventure that actually makes you feel like a detective, Paradise Killer blends surreal world-building, vibrant art, clever writing, and rock-solid open-world gameplay to create an experience you won’t soon forget.

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