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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

Adventure Games starting with the N-YEAR

We have 121 adventure games in our database that start with the N. If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 9 (of 11).
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Wanadoo  (2001)

Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness

What worlds exist beyond the gateways of time? What secrets lie beneath the dilapidated farmhouse? Join William Stanton on a mysterious journey, in a desperate quest to save the life of his friend.

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HeR Interactive  (2000)

Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion

There’s trouble afoot at a friend’s beautiful Victorian inn that you, as super-sleuth Nancy Drew, have been called on to help renovate.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 4.5
Cryo Interactive Entertainment  (2000)

The New Adventures of the Time Machine

The concept of time has always fascinated man. Time has been a dimension inaccessible and unobtainable by man… until today.

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HeR Interactive  (1999)

Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger

A family friend and daytime actress invites you, as Nancy Drew, to a New York studio to investigate who’s threatening the show’s hottest star.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3.5
HeR Interactive  (1998)

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

Mystery follows you, as Nancy Drew, to the scene of a crime in Florida. Was it accidental death or deliberate deed? Only clever sleuthing can tell.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 2
Pantheon Productions  (1997)

Night Café

Discover Boulevard de Clichy, Moulin de la Galette, the studio of Atget, Van Gogh, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec… a compliation of so many distinguished and commemorated names and places from a different perspective.

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Trecision  (1997)

Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy

The year is 2099. The Governor of Union City has become the target of a series of terrorist attacks.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3.5
Sir-tech Software  (1996)

Nemesis: The Wizardry Adventure

An ancient evil stalks you. The age-old Nitherin talismans are your only hope.

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The Neverhood  (1996)

The Neverhood

Born into a Neverhood that may never exist, Klaymen explores a land of terrifying creatures, extraordinary machines and mysterious artifacts.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 4.5
Cyberdreams  (1996)

Noir: A Shadowy Thriller

Noir takes you back to 1940 Los Angeles in a shadowy detective thriller created entirely in dramatic black and white.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3
Gremlin Interactive  (1996)


Can Kent elude the long arm of the law? Nope, as a malcontent grunge-head from the police state of Neutropolis, Kent is, well, really screwed up.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 2.5
Human Code  (1995)

Nile: Passage to Egypt

Have you got what it takes to explore the Nile? Grab your camera and notebook and set sail in your felucca, filled with all the tools you’ll need to make your trip exciting.

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Recommended Adventure Games starting with N

NITE Team 4

NITE Team 4

Another quality addition to the stable of games in the Black Watchmen universe, NITE Team 4 puts players on the hot seat of an elite hacker of a clandestine organization. Although some elements could have been executed better, the main game’s 25-plus hours of cyberwarfare goodness alone make this a must-have for existing Alice & Smith fans, and a great way for genre newbies to try their hand at some pretend hacking.