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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

Adventure Games starting with the N-YEAR-DESC

We have 122 adventure games in our database that start with the N. If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 3 (of 11).
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Gammera Nest  (2019)

Nubla 2

This puzzle-platformer / graphic adventure is both a game and an educational project to introduce players to modern art through the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum of Modern Art (based in Madrid, Spain), establishing a dialogue between art, technology, and interactive storytelling.

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HomeBearStudio  (2018)

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin

NAIRI tells the story of an abandoned upper-class girl who meets Rex, a criminal-turned-scholar.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 4
Manuel Schenk  (2018)

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron

A young man named Nelson inherits a cabin from his deceased uncle Sid, not knowing that he was a necromancer during his lifetime.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3
PanicBarn  (2018)

Not Tonight

Person of European Heritage #112: Welcome to Relocation Block B, your new home. Your designated role is ‘Bouncer’.

» Full game details
Silver Spook Games  (2017)


It’s 2033, and humans have become genetically engineered supermen, while most sentient robots are now humanity’s unwanted bastard children, dumped into a massive landfill known as “The Pile”.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 4
Gamedust  (2017)


Neverout is an unique puzzle game with innovative mechanics and immersive, unsettling atmosphere.

» Full game details
Infinite Fall  (2017)

Night in the Woods

All Mae wants to do is run around with her friends, break stuff and hang on to a life of aggressive aimlessness.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 2.5
Oldmoustache Gameworks  (2017)

No70: Eye of Basir

Twenty years ago, brothers Aras and Erhan experienced some horrifying events in their grandmother’s No70 house.

» Full game details
Accidental Queens  (2017)

A Normal Lost Phone

A Normal Lost Phone is a game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person named Sam, whose phone you find.

» Full game details
Cosmo D Studios  (2017)

The Norwood Suite

You travel to the secluded Hotel Norwood on a simple friendly errand that quickly unfolds into something much more involved.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 4
Alasdair Beckett-King Application Systems  (2016)

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet

Baron Widebeard has kidnapped a fleet of birds and hypnotised them to do his bidding.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 4
Nude Maker  (2016)


You have been invited to a cruise of a (possibly short) lifetime. While your surroundings are luxurious and the guests are friendly, not everything is as it should be.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 2

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