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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

Adventure Games starting with the M-TITLE-ASC

We have 205 adventure games in our database that start with the M. If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 15 (of 18).

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Wreck Tangle Games  (2018)

Museum: Volume I

Todd Trainer is the security guy at The Royal Foyer Museum in England. As he wakes up from a quick snooze, he notices all the security cameras have been powered off, it’s up to Todd to get the cameras back online and solve the mysteries surrounding the Museum.

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Wreck Tangle Games  (2019)

Museum: Volume II

You are Todd, a guard who attempts to uncover the truth behind the mysteries of The Royal Foyer Museum in England.

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David Szymanski  (2015)

The Music Machine

Haley, an eccentric 13 year old girl, has a complicated relationship with her old friend Quintin.

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Mutagenesis Games  (2020)

Mutagenesis: A Wasteland Odyssey

Earth as we know it was destroyed when pollution mutated the animals, who rebelled against humanity, who in turn nuked the whole world.

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Die Gute Fabrik  (2019)


Over 100 years ago, a great meteor struck a tropical holiday resort. Most of the inhabitants perished but those who didn’t remained in the mutating environment and founded the small community of Mutazione.

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Pirita Studio  (2020)


A scifi archaeological post-apocalyptic adventure. In the 25th century, the great humankind achievements, such as pyramids or Humphrey Bogart’s movies, were completely forgotten.

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Two Star Games  (2020)

My Beautiful Paper Smile

My Beautiful Paper Smile is a story about children who are raised to be perfect.

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Stranga Games  (2018)

My Big Sister

After 12-year-old Luzia and her older sister Sombria are abducted by strangers, it is up to Luzia to get them both home.

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Artifex Mundi  (2018)

My Brother Rabbit

A loving family discovers that their daughter has fallen ill. While her parents set out to get her the treatment she needs, her determined older brother turns to the power of imagination to help them cope.

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Up Multimedia  (2014)

My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant

Retired space captain Tycho Minogue is dragged back into active service in order to foil the nefarious plans of a powerful interplanetary tyrant who is taking his fleet from world to world, subjugating the free people of the galaxy.

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Juggler Games  (2018)

My Memory of Us

Children have their own way of thinking. Good, evil, and human relations – they have completely different perceptions of these subjects than adults.

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7th Level  (1997)

My Teacher is an Alien

A point-and-click adventure based on the popular book series. .

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Recommended Adventure Games starting with M



Mosaic will be a worthwhile experience for that certain type of gamer who can appreciate style over substance in the service of an artistic statement. Without much in the way of gameplay, it’s more of an experimental atmospheric experience than a traditional piece of interactive entertainment.

Moons of Madness

Moons of Madness

Moons of Madness ditches the cold New England setting of Lovecraft’s eldritch tales for the dry, arid wastelands of Mars, and what results is a textbook example of how “cosmic” cosmic horror truly can be.