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Sol705 campaign

The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

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We have 3356 adventure games in our database (excluding freeware titles). If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 260 (of 280).

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A Diversity Game Project

A Diversity Game Project will be a simple point-and-click adventure-style game that aims to present a truly diverse set of people to the world—REAL people telling their own life stories.

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Overon Station

Dome City

Control three different protagonists who find themselves stranded in a long-abandoned domed city on Mars, where nothing is as it really seems.

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Double Happy vs. The Infinite Sadness

The once majestic isle of Pharos is one of many exotic worlds that have succumbed to the overwhelming power of the Infinite Sadness.

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Dracula: Origin

Dracula: Origin reveals the origins of the Dracula curse - that of a man tortured by the loss of a woman he held more precious than anything, and offended because she would rather kill herself than give in to him.

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The Drifter

Mick Carter’s been drifting a while now - never staying one place long, moving from job to job.

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Thermo-Dynamic Games

Echoes: Episode One - Diagnosis

Follow a patient’s journey in dealing with their mental issues using the “mind break” mechanic, through which you will have to overcome challenging and alien sections of the environment in order to progress and discover the story behind it all.

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The Eight Tentacles of the Apocalypse

The last episode of the previously-unforeseen (even by the developers) "Kraken Trilogy" answers all remaining questions left over from The Eye of the Kraken and Carte Blanche.

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El Enigma de la Abadía

In 1328, Willam Occam, a Franciscan philosopher, journeys from France to Italy with other members of his order to escape the troops of the Pope.

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Order of Dagon Publishing

The Eldritch Cases: Dagon

In 1927, Prohibition Agents get word of suspicious behaviour on a small island just off the coast of Innsmouth.

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Elea is a space scientist on a mission to find her husband Ethan. In 2073, earth was struck by a horrid childhood mutation disease that also affected Elea’s youngest son.

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Tea-Powered Games

Elemental Flow

Take on the role of an elementalist, someone who can imbue their words with elemental attributes to communicate more effectively with others.

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Victory Square Games

Elementary, My Dear Holmes!

John Watson, famous sidekick to Sherlock Holmes, gets his own starring role as he quests around turn-of-the-20th-century Europe, facing mysteries while danger abounds! A cryptic message from Afghanistan, a lost heiress, a cunning noble family, and the birth of an organization that will come to be known as The Illuminati are just some of the elements that Watson must face.

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Recommended Adventure Games



A surreal trip through an Alice in Wonderland-like dreamscape, Superliminal delights and surprises with level after level of inventive, bizarre puzzles.



On its surface, Röki delightfully explores a rarely visited branch of Scandinavian folklore, but delve deeper into this thoroughly charming fantasy adventure and you’ll find a beautifully told, emotionally engaging narrative that’s sure to resonate with players of all ages.