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ReVenture Games

Lorna Bains in “For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls”

Murder and Crime during the Great Depression never looked so good! Sassy and mischievous protagonist Lorna Bains must solve the mystery of who killed the local cafe owner Eddie Paparelli and determine who might be interested in knowing this to get a little more money on the side! Blending classic adventure with elements of the hidden object genre with a focus on observation and comprehension, For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls is the first game of a comedy crime anthology.

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Squirrel Dagger Games

Lost Lake Lights

You and your girlfriend go camping together, but she soon gets abducted by aliens and other weird things begin happening that can’t be explained.

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Lovecraft Tales

Based on Lovecraft’s short story “The Whisperer in Darkness”, this game throws players into a gloomy world full of dark secrets, clandestine cults and atrocious cosmic beings older than Earth.

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Team Lune


In an abandoned tower on an island in the middle of an ocean, you control both the human protagonist and the moon itself, influencing tides, reflecting light in various ways and modifying gravity.

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Stand Off Software

Lutra City Mysteries: Episode 1 - The Delinquent Daughter

Lutra City Mysteries is an episodic series that puts you in the role of a detective in 1940s film noir.

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Conundrum Grove

Magic Lost

Piper is a young girl with a strong affinity for magic powers who hasn’t learned to control them.

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Istanbul, 2050. No one could have predicted the unfortunate chain of events awaiting Kaan, who was one of the pioneers of advanced artificial intelligence.

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Ludic House


You are trapped. So are they.

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Walk Thru Walls Studios

Metal Dead: Encore

The seaside village of Rodeo is usually a peaceful place to live… but once a year the Hoofs and Horns heavy metal festival rolls in and makes a hell of a lot of noise.

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Orrery Games BlipHaus Design

Midnight at the Celestial Palace

Greg is a 37 year old manchild and professional underachiever, who is whisked away to a magical dreamland hidden beyond the stars.

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Mile of Crying

Adam suffers from an unusual kind of amnesia. He knows who he is and what's happening around him, but he can't remember certain moments that connect various aspects of his past.

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Recommended Adventure Games



Once you have mastered the interface and navigation challenges, Observation will sweep you up in a compelling story of human and machine interaction that offers a refreshing spin on a familiar sci-fi formula.



Although light on actual gameplay, ZED is a quirky, beguiling exploration of character where fragments of memory spawn an imaginative journey through the haunts and grottos of the mind.