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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

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We have 3756 adventure games in our database (excluding freeware titles). If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 1 (of 313).
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Kong Orange Wired Fly Animation Morten Søndergaard  (2024)


Karla and Kurt are stuck at the intersection trying to hold hands for the first time.

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Radio Silence Studios  (2023)

The Adventures of Bryan Scott

Bryan Scott, son of the late well-known archaeologist John W. Scott, receives a small package from Near East in which he finds the diary of treasure hunter Kate Williams, who went missing while searching for the legendary treasure of the Queen of Sheba, the same treasure his father had pursued for many years.

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Sugarpunch Games  (2023)

Behind the Beyond

Behind the Beyond is the tale of a young lad who sets off to find a job, but finds a wondrous adventure instead.

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Krams Design  (2023)

The Big Hollow

The Big Hollow is a mystery game set in the sleepy mining town of Culditch Creek where it’s up to you to solve the murder of the young and seemingly innocent Josie-May.

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Tanja Leonova  (2023)

The Dream

You are alone on a beautiful island and need to find your way back home. How? By searching for clues and solving puzzles of course.

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Digital Mosaic Games  (2023)

Goblin’s Quest

On the verge of death, The Goblin King promises all his wealth to the goblin who brings him a cure.

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Navi  (2023)

Man Without Organs

Hong Kong has fallen. The protagonist, once a citizen, is now an emptied body – the Man Without Organs.

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Flimmersoft  (2023)

Markus Ritter: Ghosts of the Past

Markus Ritter is a daydreamer without ambitions who discovers his true family and destiny.

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Made From Strings  (2023)

Murder on Space Station 52

Trapped on a space station with a ruthless killer, Edward Locke must solve this mystery, or it will be his last.

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Stuck in Attic  (2023)


You’re Illy Vraja, a teenager at a crossroads in her life who gets invited to Transylvania by her mysterious Great-Aunt, Domnica, only to find out she comes from a long line of witches and is entitled to enroll in the Transylvanian Institute for Magick!.

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Adventure4Life  (2023)

Plot of the Druid

In a fantasy world where creatures such goblins, trolls, dragons, dwarves, and elves dwell, an apprentice druid named Jase is banished from the training academy named after cheating on his certification test.

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Spider Lily Studios  (2023)

Schrodinger’s Catgirl

Meet Robert Hayes, a rich and particularly eccentric scientist with a fascination for cats and genetics.

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Recommended Adventure Games

Last Stop

Last Stop

There isn’t much in the way of actual gameplay or player agency, but anyone who enjoys a highly interactive story will certainly want to add Last Stop to their gaming library.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is like a warm hug from a wise old aunt, simultaneously bursting with creativity and offering an unblinking but hopeful look at humanity.

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