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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

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We have 3596 adventure games in our database (excluding freeware titles). If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 250 (of 300).
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inkle  (2015)

Sorcery! 3

The land of Kakhabad is a wilderness - a ruined desert, a tangled forest, cruel mountains and fissures, all guarded by seven fearsome serpents.

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inkle  (2016)

Sorcery! 4

The Crown of Kings has been stolen by the Archmage, and he intends to use it to decimate the Old World.

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Konstructors  (2017)

Sorry, James

You are James Garner, a security engineer at Mantis Corp. , a leading tech company in the weapons field.

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Wales interactive  (2016)

Soul Axiom

Elysia is a powerful Digital Soul Provider, where memories and dreams become reality.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 2.5
Rieben Holdings Daredevil Development

Soul of Mystery: Chapter 1

In a dystopian near-future, Teo is a teenage boy trying to live a normal life in a city under oppressive rule.

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LK Avalon  (1995)


Sołtys’ daughter wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, and she used to spend her time playing computer games and drinking beer.

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Big Bucket Software  (2014)

Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure

Set in the retro-futuristic sci-fi world of 1976, Space Age follows a small but determined band of intergalactic explorers who land on a seemingly uninhabited planet, Kepler-16.

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Boffo Games  (1997)

The Space Bar

A comic sci-fi adventure by Steve Meretzky. Play as Alias Node, a human detective working on planet Armpit VI.

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Mojiken Studio  (2021)

A Space for the Unbound

Follow two high school sweethearts, Atma and Raya, on a journey of self-discovery at the end of their high school years in rural Indonesia.

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x86-Games  (2017)

Space Geekz: The Crunchy Flakes Conspiracy

Till and Adrian are working at the Space Geekz Corporation, delivering game consoles and arcade machines throughout the galaxy in their old rotten freighter.

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Spreadcamp  (2011)

Space Madness

A yellow, rectangle-shaped mutant named Ed is a product of the experiments of the mad scientist Professor Marty.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 2.5
Pilgrim Adventures  (2019)

Space Pilgrim Academy: Reunion

The dramatic events which took place aboard the deep space mining fleet Elivagar have left the Galactic Union in a state of political disarray.

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Recommended Adventure Games

The Room 4: Old Sins

The Room 4: Old Sins

Though a bit of puzzle repetition has begun to creep in, this fourth entry into Fireproof’s excellent The Room series otherwise continues to innovate with inventive challenges and interesting locations, all contained within a single dollhouse.

Shady Part of Me

Shady Part of Me

Shady Part of Me offers an interesting and entertaining take on the light/shadow dichotomy used as a puzzle mechanic, though the lack of a strong narrative to bind it all together (when one is clearly hinted at throughout) does raise a single but important warning flag.

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