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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

Currently viewing all Adventure Games

We have 3402 adventure games in our database (excluding freeware titles). If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 232 (of 284).

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Deqaf Studio  (2020)

Creepy Tale

While walking with your brother, everything turns into horror and drags the hero into a series of terrible events.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3
TechToons Ltd.  (1996)

Creature Crunch

Wesley is having a super-bad day. He’s been lured into the sprawling mansion of the evil Dr.

» Full game details
Amanita Design  (2020)


Visit a mysterious towering mansion, inhabited by eccentric avian folk and strange creatures, which may or may not be as dangerous as they seem.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 4.5 Watch Walkthrough
Pyrozen  (2013)

Crazy Hangover 3

After a wild party in a remote redneck town, lead singer of Ted and the Pyro Guys wakes up in the tour bus toilet.

» Full game details
On-Line Systems  (1981)

Cranston Manor

Old man Cranston trusted no one. He accumulated his immense wealth through questionable means.

» Full game details Read Walkthrough Watch Walkthrough
Flying Cafe for Semianimals  (2015)


Cradle's story is built around the relations of the protagonist and a mechanized girl, who by enigmatic circumstances find themselves together in a yurt among the desert Mongolian hills.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3
The Pixel Shop  (1999)

Cracking the Conspiracy

A long lost friend… A mysterious message… A lie that extends beyond time itself… .

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 4
Arberth Studios  (2013)


The tragedy of Coven unfolds through generations in Castle Avon, a small town steeped in Welsh history.

» Full game details
Haunted Lantern Games  (2021)


The year is 1666; an age of darkness. Accusations of devil worship require no evidence of guilt.

» Full game details
Access  (1990)


You’re American agent Mason Powers and you’ve just intercepted an ultra secret message about an international terrorist group.

» Full game details
Chris Tolworthy  (2011)

The Count of Monte Cristo

Edmund Dantes has it all: young, honest, hardworking, he's just been promoted to captain of his own ship, and is about to marry the woman he loves.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 2.5
Big Bad Wolf  (2018)

The Council: Episode 5 – Checkmate

In 1793,  players take the role of secret society member Louis de Richet after his invitation to a private island off the shores of England by the enigmatic Lord Mortimer.

» Full game details

Recommended Adventure Games

Helheim Hassle

Helheim Hassle

Managing six different detachable body parts takes some getting used to, but Helheim Hassle is a consistently fun, creative blend of narrative adventure and puzzle-platformer with an amusing spin on Norse mythology.

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town’s mystery fizzles with a rushed ending, but it’s perky and pretty and packed with puzzles and peculiar characters.