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Tex Murphy 2: Martian Memorandum


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Having a problem, I met Rhonda at the restaurant but this was before I bought the rose and I also failed to pick up the right dialog options, now I can’t go back to the restaurant.

Does that mean that I reach a dead end or does there is a way around it?


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The rose is not essential (you get a bonus sequence if you give it to her at the restaurant), but if you screwed up the conversation, I’m pretty sure it’s a dead end.


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I have played the game recently. Giving her the rose is not necessary, but if you messed up the conversation and didn’t get her to like you and give you some important information, it most definitely is a dead end.


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I played that game years ago and never noticed that there was a dead end. Apparently I did everything right. Anyway, it’s a great game. Enjoy!


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