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What game have you just finished?

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Joined 2018-12-01


Veovis - 25 February 2020 04:53 AM

Finished The Suicide of Rachel Foster yesterday. I’m really tired of pretentious titles to walking sims, like “the vanishing of [him]” or “whatever happened to [her]”. Already the title screams clone and this game (walking sim) indeed tries to be more or less all successful walking sims at the same time, with a little The Shining trown in for good measure. I enjoyed exploring the run down hotel and the atmosphere is really tense. And one of the game’s selling points, the binaural sound, is working really well. But ultimately the writing is pretty “meh” and the whole thing feels rushed. It’s only a few hours long, even though the story for some reason takes place over several days.

Good to know. I almost thought about checking this one out before coming to my senses and realizing I’d been fooled too many times over titles wanting to ride the coattails of the success of Gone Home with a fraction of the talent. If a game has no puzzles and is based completely around playing out a story, then that story needs to be amazing, or at least poetic like Dear Esther.


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Played The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav to prepare myself for the possible community playthrough of Memoria. Enjoyed it, although it was too “Daedalic” for my taste: linear, with many lines of dialogue and lots of “forced” inventory puzzles (i.m. hunt every pixel and use every item while you are locked between 1-5 locations). The Fairy realm where you have to use your imagination to solve puzzles really stands out, wish the rest of the game was just as inventive. The art style is as beautiful as always, although the “flash” quality of animation is not my cup of tea. From what I’ve read the sequel is a big improvement at every aspect, including two parallel storylines, more experimental gameplay and better animation, so I’m really looking forward to playing it.


PC means personal computer


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Played Ann Achronist: Many Happy Returns. Really enjoyed it. The graphics are not much but the game makes up for it with the story and concept. There could have been a bit more done in term of puzzles and using the different timelines to solve part of the puzzle but it was really fun.


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Joined 2019-02-25


Kelvin and the Infamous Machine: A quite short and “simple” point and click adventure, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Hade som nice humor and references in it wich I liked. A perfect game for me to play after a long day at work to wind down. Would recommend it.


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Last night I beat Life is Strange Before the Storm!

I almost did not play this one, and I’m glad I found it bundled with the first game last week!  I just want to say a few things about why I think others should play this game, since I thought maybe the site review might scare some people off. 

New developer, slightly new style.

Let me start with the bad: graphics are bad, I’m not really a graphics guy, but this series is pretty light on game play so… why?  This time they are bad in a new way.  They move and look like the Sims. Seriously, even if you go for a more cartoony look so that the game ages better, why not add a few more polygons to round objects so that they don’t look like an octagon.
Puzzles are still bad, but a mild improvement over the first one. Dialogue tree puzzles make sense here even without rewinding time. I feel like the first one, they knew that puzzles were lame, and just left them in anyway. This was especially problematic if you’ve played previous dontnod game Remember Me, where time rewinding puzzles are done amazingly interesting and fun.  In Before the Storm, puzzles feel more like they fit in the genre, and are less egregious.

So this is the only game in the series so far not made by Dontnod Entertainment (I’m a huge fan of theirs, I have Remember Me, and Vampyr as well).  And I’m glad.  I’m not going to directly refute any comments in the review, because I can’t those are all valid complaints. 

However; compared with the first game, this one has a story that is fun from the very beginning, instead of being fun a chapter or two in.  The first chapter in Life is Strange 1 is kinda of punishing with how slow it starts.  But in Before the Storm, Chapter 1 is funny, and pretty good.
Decisions also feel more permanent, because you can’t go back and see what would happen if you said something different.

While I loved Max in the first game, and hated chloe, in this prequel I still kind of hate chloe, but I see her less static of a character than in LIS1.  Also I love Rachel Amber’s character and I desperately wanted to meet this girl so that plot points in LIS 1 make more sense and are more impactful. 

I also wanted to point out that the collectibles in this game are way better than the photos in the first one!  In the first one, it’s just like a challenge to get all the photos.  In this one, not only do you collect graffiti art, but also you get to choose what graffiti you apply, so you can kind of apply your personality with it.  At the end it’s more satisfying to see what I chose to draw or write instead of I did or didn’t get all the polaroid pictures.

I connected deeply with these characters!  I know they are written poorly in most places, but this brings back a lot of memories of being a 14 year old freshman in high school, cutting class, starting a passionate romance with an unlikely person of the same sex, running away, taking and selling drugs, getting in over my head with criminal stuff.  Wanting to believe adults know better than I do, yet always being proven wrong.  Being involved in school activities, getting busted for smoking or graffiti. Making unlikely friends and enemies.

I swear all of these events happened to me in a similar way, and in a similar time and place (I started Highschool in 2006, the game takes place in 2010 i think).  The only difference is they didn’t all happen in two -three days… 

In my real life, I was the goody-two-shoes kid who was fed up being a golden child, and fell in love with someone in my class that introduced my to this fast living, night traveling, rule breaking life, and I thought we’d always be in love.  And I never in a million years dreamed that I would grow up and live to be 27 (28?  IDK it’s hard to remember).  Hell I’ve even seen friends and lovers buried like in LIS 1.

For me this was a fun way to relive some of that teenage freedom and even angst.

Seriously flawed, but being a teenager is too.

EDIT:Basically, pretty good, but needed more magic powers.


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Joined 2013-08-26


After the Larry Reloaded disaster I wasn’t keen on playing another new Larry game and I found the title Wet Dreams Don’t Dry offputting. I was so sure I wouldn’t like the game that I didn’t bother to read any Larry posts and reviews. Boy, was I wrong. When I finally decided to give it a chance I had a great time with Larry.

Positive: The jokes, most of the puzzles, the story, the characters and to my relief Larry was nothing like the egotistic creep from Reloaded. Negative: Some puzzles were farfetched or illogical, way too much backtracking for my liking (but I guess that can’t be avoided in this type of adventure), and the game was a bit too long.

I checked Steamspy, only 18,000 copies have been sold. That’s sad, the developers deserve much better.


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Joined 2007-01-04


Larry is also on IOS and those sales need to be added to the games total. I hear the IOS version was pretty popular.

I just finished Red Comrade 2 - a truly terrible game. The reviews are spot on. But I enjoyed it in a Larry bad humor sort of way.



I enjoy playing adventure games on handheld systems- PS VITA, Nintendo DS and ipad mini.

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Joined 2018-01-09


Celebreon - 22 February 2020 07:52 PM

Actually I think Silent kind of counts as an adventure game because the inventory object puzzles, logic puzzles, and emphasis on atmosphere and exploration is very similar to mechanics found in adventure games.

Yeah, I played Silent Hill 2 with the combat difficulty turned all the way down and the puzzle difficulty turned all the way up.  So it essentially becomes an adventure game.  Although people would probably say that makes the game a lot less scary since the enemies don’t really pose an actual threat.  Although the scariness of Silent Hill games is mostly the uncomfortable atmosphere and not the monsters.


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Joined 2004-01-18


Lost Horizon in a Discord playthrough.

Nice story.

Moon logic puzzles are mad.


An adventure game is nothing more than a good story set with engaging puzzles that fit seamlessly in with the story and the characters, and looks and sounds beautiful.
Roberta Williams


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Joined 2017-04-14


I’ve played Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem and I’m sorry to say it was not very good. It wasn’t the horrible mess I had come to expect based on the numerous spiteful reviews, but it was very weak, with the same flaws than in most of the recent games (Sea of Darkness aside). The plot felt convoluted and the few puzzles at hand were both ludicrously easy and tedious (and that comes from someone who secretly enjoys the mundane chores usually decried by most ND players). After such a long hiatus I expected major improvement in graphics, but the switch to Unity did not make much of a difference, I even thought there was a setback in navigation, which was as clunky as in the first installments. It felt nice to have more than four characters in the game world, even if most were just onlookers, but I felt no involvement or connection in regard to those with whom you could interact. Deirdre was poorly written and very annoying, and I missed George and Bess. On the plus side, as much as I loved Lani Minella’s performance in the first 32 games, I thought the new actress was doing a fine job.

I also played Cat and Ghostly Road, which I found lovely! (And no, not just because the cat was cute Grin) It’s a modest game in many regards - quite short, with simple puzzles and limited production value (especially the English translation), but it’s also charming in many ways, and its evocative graphics and endearing story won me over. I liked the original abilities it progressively introduced, and the oneiric setting was quite poetic. I hope the tight budget on which it was probably made will not get in the way of its receiving the love it deserves. If you’re looking for something heartwarming and not too much of a challenge, I would definitely recommend it!  Heart (On a side note: I hope the developers will consider bringing it to another commercial platform than Steam - itch.io for example. And extra kudos for the native Linux version!)


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Joined 2018-01-11


Last night I beat Thimbleweed Park!

I’m not going to tell you all about it though because we all know about thimbleweed park already.

Wonderful game, my only criticism was there are too many characters to control.  I only felt overwhelmed when I first acquired all 5, and none of their objectives really overlapped.  While the puzzle design is passable, and I even enjoyed getting stuck a few times, I will point out that sometimes I already know what to do, but I’d missed just one event or dialog, so I couldn’t proceed.  The game tries to remove characters from your control when they are unneeded so that you can focus on what needs to be done.

I particularly got stuck on finding the seckrit meeting, and using the balloon animal at the end. 

The hint system in the game is pretty good, although sometimes because I did things out of order accidentally, the hint that I need will be entangled with some information that I could have figured out on my own.  No hint system is perfect, but I’m glad there is one here.

You can get a gameover, but for the most part there are no real unwinnable states.

Anyways if you haven’t done so yet, play thimbleweed park, just don’t get your hopes up for the ending.  There are some hints that’s the way the story is headed, but it’s so unsatisfying.  WTF is a tube anyway?!


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Joined 2018-01-11


So Last night I made a single mistake while playing Man of Medan, and
Alex fucking stabbed himself in the chest, and the game instantly cut to credits.

I think I may have made a wrong turn, anyways that’s all too bad, I’ll have to replay it next year for the true ending (like I did with hidden agenda) because I have to catch up on my KR0 CPT, and my Somnium files disc finally came today!!!?!?!?!?!!



Total Posts: 214

Joined 2017-08-27


Just finished Unholy Society. Very stylish game, some witty dialogue but the adventure part is EXTRA light (as of pick up something, walk 30 seconds and find a clearly marked hotspot to use the item you just picked up on), plus the overabundance of QTE battles is simply too much. You can’t skip them, you can’t skip the cut scene before them, and the symbols you need to complete those do not always appear in a level, so you’re basically forced to replay them multiple times. Very cool-looking, but very exasperating game. Kinda funny, but overall was a “miss” for me.


Total Posts: 16

Joined 2016-12-01


I’ve just finished Disco Elysium (which is something like adventure/RPG unusual mix) and I so shocked. One of the best games of the last two decades to say the least. Story, writing, characters, art style, side quests, plot twists are absolutely gorgeous! It’s smart, sarcastic, sad and inspiring at the same time, I can’t find enough words to recommend it!


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Joined 2012-03-24


I’ve ventured into Disco Elysium, haven’t got far, but so far finding it a load of self -indulgent,‘word salad’ & completely up it’s own a**e.  Smile  PRETENTIOUS!


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