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The Pilgrimage text adventure demo


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Anyone here been playing around with this? I’ve been at it for an hour and am kind of stumped. I’ve got my journal, a wooden chair leg, some lint, and my watch in inventory. Is there a way to pay the landlord for your tab like with your watch or something? I notice in a couple of the screenshots from The Pilgrimage Game Info page that there might also be some pseudo-diamond seed(s) somewhere in the pub, but I haven’t found them. I suppose I could just leave the pub without paying…is that the only option?

Use spoiler tags for any responses as necessary please!


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I’m not sure I like the parser.

I found a pouch in the bar which I thought I could use to pay the landlord, but I couldn’t even open it.

It’s very inconvenient only having the verbs “look, take, use and talk”.


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From the pouch description:

“Hint: Some items may be used without a target - doing so implies you are using some inherent feature of the item. For example, opening a container…”

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