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Pixel world - Endangered - 


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Spadoni Production will drag movie fans in a fun journey through the point and click games “Pixel world “...

Pixel world - Endangered -

Short Film ===>

Directed by Daniele Spadoni

A different world exists, a world of pixels! We, human beings, think that they are only videogames. For them, it’s the life. They are real! Their dimension is repeated in each game, the story is the same indefinitely. They have no memory. They look a lot like us…

The Master
The Planner
The Ranger
The Seeker
The Diamond
Virus ” D “


Daniele Spadoni : Director , Visual Effects Producer & Supervisor ,Executive Producer , CGI Producer & Supervisor - Spadoni Production - Independent film - Non profit -https://www.youtube.com/user/spadonidaniele

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