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Your most anticipated game sequals and remakes?(which may never get release)

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Joined 2003-11-10


LA Noire sequel.



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Joined 2013-02-26


It has already been mentioned but Toonstruck - I read one theory the the first game was actually only half the game they had originally scoped but due to pressure from the publisher the first game ended prematurely.  (No idea how true this is.)

Myself and others from the AGS community have been light-heartedly nagging Dave Gilbert for a while now about making Purity of the Surf 2.  Anyone who’s played the RON (Reality On the Norm) games will probably have played the first one.  Josh Beachcomber deserves a comeback!  (It won’t happen sadly…)

Always felt there was scope for a sequel to both Loom and Zak McKraken too, and maybe The Dig.

Ceville was great fun and definitely deserves a sequel.


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Having been in the Borderlands universe for the last 2 weeks, I would really like a continuation of Tales from the Borderlands. Like nomad has said be4, that universe is so rich with great characters with tons of personality, it is begging for an adventure style game. It doesn’t hurt that the first game was one of Telltale’s finest games.

I would like a Jade Empire 2. The Chinese martial arts setting is underused in gaming, and would love to see some more.

Also a new game from Lorne Lanning in the Oddworld universe.

And Jak and Daxter have been on hiatus for a long time. A new openworld Jak and Daxter game would be rad.


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