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Where are GRIM FANDANGO saveganmes stored ?

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Seems there are only 8 save-slots on my GoG Grim Fandango premastered and I would like to make a 100-save ‘Save-through’.
In what folder are the saves stored ?
BTW a month or two ago I posted a very large complete 60 page very detailed - purely text Walkthrough for GoG’s Day of the Tentacle Remastered - free on Google !  IIRC it also had only 8 savegame slots !!


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It depends on how the game coding writes the save location….there are many variations between games. Are you using GOG Galaxy on a Windows based system? If so, and you installed the game in the default location, try looking for the game’s sub-folder of the following string: Program Files (x86) > GOG Galaxy > Games >

I currently only have a couple games actually installed in GOG Galaxy although I own about 50, but the two I do have installed have their save games in entirely different places in their respective game folders. You may have to do some searching to find them, but by default, they should show up something like the following screenshot. Notice how my “Little Big Adventure 2” game folder has a SAVE sub-folder with “.LBA” files…these are the save games. However, my “The ABC Murders” game folder has a “The ABC Murders_Data” sub-folder which has “level” files, which just happen to be the save games.

Click on the thumbnail for the “bigger picture”:

Hope this helps!


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