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What’s worse than a delayed kickstarted project is one on time with too many disappointments!

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded

The 80s were so fertile for sex jokes and puns, and tho that was the case, the success of the Leisure Suit Larry was due to so many culture expectations just for the idea of playing a computer game that is about sex ..at the time, and the fact that it was targeting and speaking directly to the children of the ’70s and the free love movement.. just being there was a success!..
and tho the changes in this remake come via the script, which has seen practically every portion touched up beyond the ‘87 original, weren’t up to today expectations, and if all your dream boiled down to get to play the original but with better graphics, we already had the Sierra LSL1VGA Remake.

More than 25 years since the original release, a company whose owner was a Beta-Tester for Sierra with two great minds behind him; Al and Josh, gave this remake and sadly it seemed that the preparation behind LSLR was too raw, flat and the final product was lost between the vibe of the original and today’s humor.

Lots of promises went down the drain about breaking all the walkthroughs on the net, giving good animations…etc, and all we have gotten at the end was just a tweaked adventure with all its long admitted turn offs apparent:
..from collecting money thru gambling/black-Jack-ing, saving and restoring to win!, using this (save/load) as a* gameplaying feature for many occasions
...plus many other turns offs within the original they couldn’t simply avoid..
random events concerned actions from gamers such with the ‘Cat’ or the ‘Apple-man’.. etc, really needed to be tackled with differently.
nevertheless giving/dedicating 2 hours! of the gameplaying for scripted jokes thru in-game descriptions that get too dull just after a little while.

I say it was a chance that wasn’t handled right, and especially now Activision biting hard on their rights! this was a great chance wasted for all the people behind it.



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