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do traditional adventures (2D) become a rarity


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Joined 2015-07-23


I keep seeing it mentioned here, but how is Creaks a point and click adventure game, let alone a traditional one?
It seemed like purely a stealth-inspired puzzle platformer to me, more similar (but vastly inferior, IMO) to games like Limbo and Inside.


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Joined 2017-12-19


Sometimes it’s hard to tell.
Like Dorian Morris Adventure, which is going to be released tomorrow.

It looks in many ways traditional kind of 2D adventure, but then the game description says: “Dorian Morris Adventure is not a typical point & click game, it is primarily a fascinating experience, but also excellent mind training and a powerful dose of practical and useful knowledge in life.”

So it’s tagged as point-and-click, but then they try to advertise it as really not being such, so who knows?


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i always thought that the ‘point n’ click’ tag/categorization/description or whatever this two words description-phrase of the genre since the late 90s is the most ridiculous thing ever created/made in the history of marketing, for so many many reasons I don’t think the post capacity of the allowed number of words and letter here can take it/them

but the least ‘why is it so ridiculous and absurd opinion’ i can leave at this post is that all gaming or entertainment genres categorization has always been about the core and the essence of what is it bout but since i no aint fluent English speaker to let my tongue flow in with the right words; all I can say (or in the matter of fact) or bring to anyone’s attention, by questioning; since when the gameplay mechanism* have been the* way to differentiate or tag different genres, simply if this is how it is why have not we ever heard of the WASD-games-genre, or the -direct control-PC-games….., and however odd or stupid i/it may sound it IS all Nuthin but odd and stupid itself how the (sub)genres titles/names really are.

Whatever/however the point is; that ALL those Alibaba’s tons of ‘PnC-2d-adventures’ do not fool me to believe that there is even teenth of those (seems available at the market) are on par of what is called ‘PnC-2d-adventures’ games, like any of the real ones which were always the main course of the genre (of all the gaming industry for the past 40 years or so, so please try to stop playing this foolish role on behalf of the genre.
just admit that the core, the stepping stone, and the foundation of the genre (and PC gaming) is now had long been buried deep down!, and what has been left is the charity work of hardcore fans and some respectable indie devs trying to keep it alive, that it is sadly admitted that (most of the times) the -2d-adventure games- (which once were 99% of the genre productions) is/are living on donation and life supports. see you on the other side


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