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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Friday 7 September 2012


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In order to nicely wean everyone off King’s Quest Friday, today is another Roberta Williams’ game: Time Zone. I’m sure there are some people who originally played in on their Apple ][, but I guess most of us discovered it as part of the Roberta Williams Anthology or some similar collection.

The game has you travel through lots of locations and time periods (hence the title) in order to solve 32 billion puzzles and collect all sort of junk you will need to eventually go to some evil aliens’ planet and defeat them to save humanity.

It’s a huge game, spread over 6 double-sided disks, so swapping is heavily involved. I found it pretty fun at first (in a story-less puzzle-fest kind of way), and since you can’t bring items to past eras where they couldn’t exist (if you try to, the item is destroyed and lost forever—hope you saved your game!), the exploration of time is pretty linear at first, going from past to present. But as you get closer to current times, things become more complicated, and the number of possibilities just keeps growing exponentially: for instance, you can get a gold comb from Empress Catherine II of Russia, and bring it back in time (without forgetting first to dump modern items you might have acquired) to give it to Cleopatra in exchange for some other random item (I can’t remember if this exact puzzle is in the game, but close enough). Honestly, that got too overwhelming for me and that’s about where I gave up.

Has anyone had the patience to finish this game, and to do without help?


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and here also you can travel in time and meet Benjamin Franklin before Hoagie gets the chance to meet him, 11 years later


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I only have vague memories of this game, playing it on my uncle’s Apple II when I visited family one summer (I don’t think it was a legal copy though, shhh! Sealed Lips) Even with my cousin’s help, we didn’t get very far in the game, the disk swapping drove us nuts. During my remaining time there, I turned my attention to other games like The Tracer Sanction and Mindshadow. I found out later from my cousin that he and his friend actually finished Time Zone after several weeks of mapping and trial-and-error. Gasp


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