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New idea for a horror/shooter game “The Mist” David Drayton’s Mistfortune.

Poll: So...what do you think? staff...thanks for hearing me out.. ????
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Not quite finished with the storyline but..im sure you guys can be creative whats your view?
What should happen with David and the new "stranger" hes met?
What do the others think about this man David?
What kind of weapons would you put into this story line? and what does a horror/shooter game often require fun gameplay?

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Joined 2016-06-15


Hello I’am new to this site so thank you for this oppurtunity. As you read already I think Ive. Found an idea for an awesome video game development which I would have to say is a pretty good one. I just wanted to maybe give u a slight briefing on what my thoughts are..ok so I was watching the movie “The Mist” by “Stephen King” last night an at the same time combining my thoughts with the same gameplay as the Awesome! game already made which is “Resistance” an Alien/Shooter which to this day has not dissapointed me. I guess what im trying to say is what if you or another Gaming industry made a game called “The Mist David Drayton’s Mistfortune” So like you play as David Drayton an you know jus like the movie you have ur wife an son even though his wife had few parts in the actual film which i would not know how to add her in the games main storyline..however aside from that…lets say you start off at ur home with your family and all of us sudden a storm starts to brew…you look outside the window ehh…justa an ordinary day it starts to pour you look out into the distant lake you think nothing of it. Then suddenly A great Mist appears…surrounding everything visible to the human eye outside the window..then out of nowhere complete darkness befalls your home an the outside world…you get curious so you get your family to a safe place in the house turn away an grab a flashlight off ur dresser…..then you walk downstairs an out the backdoor..suddenly you hear a loud CRASHH!!!!! Coming from the top bedroom floor an realize that you left your son and wife in tht room…so you as any other human being would do take off running inside through the backdoor up the stairs down the hallway an into the room…as you check around an call out to your family..you think the worst has happened…..but then you check the room an find your wife and son safe an sound hiding in a closet…where acouple feet away from is now a broken tree branch which caved in the roof an now had rain pouring in…now you David Drayton go back outside an investigate the fallen tree branch…...suddenly you hear your neighbor next door trying to work a chainsaw to cut the tree branches that have now totaled his car so you decide to go over an help the guy. Like in the movie your neighbor isnt your best bud. But out of human kindness an good heart you offer to take him an your family into town where you try an find some answers as to what the strange Mist was an why it was there in the 1st place..so the guy agrees hel take the ride only if it meant getting him to town. Now as your driving into The Mist…to get to town you start feeling a strange feeling in the pit of ur stomach an begin stepping on the gas pedal…..then acouple minutes inside The Mist something catches your eye…you cant tell what it is but it looks lik a Large tentacle frm afar…then u hit the brakes come to a halt an get out the drivers side of the vehicle…David grabs his flashlight just before getting out of the open door then starts walking…...an walking…....and walking….about 20.yards away from the vehicle you start hearing strange hissing like an growling noises so u freeze…...............by this point you really start to panick an hope that your jus imagining the sounds…so you shake it off an stay puzzled while you keep walking you just keep thinking…til you no longer hear the hissing sounds the growls stop an. you decide to head back to the vehicle…while you walk back you point your flashlight at the spot where you thought you parked the vehicle only to find it missing with tire tracks leading down deep into the mountain side so you follow these tracks now your heart is really beating away uncontrollably!!! Acouple steps into the darkness you realize you can no longer find the main road its completely out of sight with nothing or noone to be seen or heard just you and the darkness with your mind playing tricks on you constantly…fear now being a huge factor in this scene…...suddenly the hissing an strange growls begin only this time the sounds are coming from infront of you so you quickly point ur flashlight survey the area when from the trees which start russling about you stop… time slows down suddenly….all you hear is ur heart beat your deep breathing your head covered in sweat then you point ur flashlight up…..... And let out a big gasp….....you want to yell but nothing comes out…......what you see now is standing on a branch above you with its sgnarling look its mutated skin its hideous arm like tentacles which on each ends has rows an rows of sharp teeth lik suctions with gaping jaws wide open dripping liquid lik acidic blood making the hissing sounds you heard from earlier an while this creature prepares to grab you…you make a run for it you dont know where ur going so while ur running u get scraped cut and bruised by tree branches an you start dodging trees stumps and bushes…then after afew minutes you make it out of the forest an come to see lights emitting from a building so you go there… as you get closer you see people looking directly at you from the buildings front windows an see that they are scared for theyre lives. As normal people would do they decide to welcome you inside but keep asking questions after questions after questions…like Who are you? Are you alone? What happened to you? Then exhausted from your brush with death an the whole situation whereas your family is now missing and no clue where to find them…you begin asking for help you start asking around if anyone would help you find your family but noone seems to answer you…as they to fear the worst has happened..then suddenly you meet a blonde women she agrees to hear you out you tell her the whole story…of you and your family an neighbor which you never really got along with..she tells you shes sorry an decides to help you search for them..so you thank her for willing to help find your family.. (Thats not the end)


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