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BattleScan - Barcode Monster Fighting Game (on IndieGogo soon)

Poll: What kind of features would you like to see in BattleScan?
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Augmented reality fighting mode

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Joined 2016-04-30


Hello Adventure Gamers
I am so excited to show you BattleScan, my upcoming project soon to be released on Indiegogo.

BattleScan is a mobile game based on scanning QRCodes or Barcodes on products and transforms them into awesome 3D characters. Players can scan any barcode/QR code with their mobile phone then watch how it transforms into 3D characters right on to the surface of the barcode using Augmented Reality. Then the monster can be collected and battled in several cool arenas!

The idea of this game came from an old game called Barcode Battler that I used to play. It’s a Japanese handheld gaming console popular in 90s where players were encouraged to go beyond the barcodes provided with the game itself and to experiment to find their own barcode monsters and power ups from everyday products like food and cleaning products.

I am also planning to add two modes in BattleScan:
1. Arena fighting mode for fighting against friends
2. Augmented reality fighting mode that allows players to hold monster battles right on the physical table tops.

Here’s the teaser:
The Teaser

Check out BattleScan screenshots

For anyone who’s interested to know more about BattleScan, feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BattleScan or mention on Twitter @BattleScan

You can also subscribe to BattleScan coming soon page to get notified when we launch!

I have been in software development for years, but BattleScan will be my first personal project and I am trying to collect feedback as many as possible.

Hope you can help by answering my poll above. Really appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch!


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