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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Monday 3 September 2012


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This is Dark Seed, a weird game about a guy who gets a monster implanted in his brain and must find a way to save his life before said monster grows and kills him. And this is done by switching between parallel worlds: the real world and the monsters’ world. And it had a fantastic box. My Dad played the game when it was released, but I didn’t play it with him because I was 10 and a wimp (and I haven’t played it yet because I’m still a wimp I guess). He loved it and finished it in a day.

I think this scene is one puzzle I remember my Dad telling me about. It goes something like this: you have to find the corresponding location in the real world, and throw a stick (or a bone?) there. And that will happen also in the parallel world, where the evil dog monster will run after it and fall to its death. Or something like that. That actually sounds like a very clever puzzle. Maybe I should give Dark Seed a try?


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I like this game for having graphics designed by H.R. Giger. I had loved his other works even before I had a slightest idea who made those.

Haven’t played DS still though.


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Heh, I checked the box and immediately went “H.R. GIGER!!!” before even reading Zobraks’ post! Grin

Guess that’s another title for my list… Thumbs Up


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I bought Dark Seed (along with Quantum Gate) for really cheap at some computer exhibition in the mid 90s, they were among my first CD-ROM games (Yikes!). The nightmarish (Gigeresque?) art style was what grabbed my attention. DS was a really tough game, I remember being obsessed with trying to finish it but kept running out of time on Day 3, with the main character, Mike, always dying horribly. Sick (Mike Dawson, not coincidentally, is one of the game’s producers/designers.) After finally caving and peeking at a walkthrough, I discovered I had missed finding and picking up a crucial item (those who have played the game will know what I’m talking about… darn pixel hunting! Shifty Eyed). Maybe it’s time to fire up DOSBox for a replay! Mini Smile


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Dark Seed is great, everyone (who isn’t a wimp!) should try it out.


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