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any recent news for a Space Quest 3 remake??

Total Posts: 9

Joined 2016-04-01


1 and 2 were given a remake, and 4-6 already comes with vga graphics and replaced the text parser with point and click. 

after using point and click for a few sierra games, it will be pretty hard for me to go back to using text input. 

there doesn’t seem to be any recent news of a SQ3 remake; all the news i read are years old.


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Joined 2012-01-02


that project you speak of was halted long time ago and then even more later canceled.

yes its only SQIII left us with no remake Frown
but it is one of the best text-phaser ags of the old sierra, so i would not mind it especially if playing the series.

SQ Sierra Remake
SQII Infamous Adventures Remake
SQIII orginal
SQ4-6 orgial Point n Click

this is how i might be planning to replay the series soon ((as long as wilco [‘our friend member here] gives the green light)) so again SQIII would be the only non-PnCof remains at the journey but am not gonna lose any good night sleep over it.


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