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Tidal Fall - Pre-Alpha

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Joined 2016-03-20


Toodles, y’all! o/

I’m an independent game developer/designer, who loves the platforming genre and coming up with innovative gameplay twists. I’ve worked on numerous titles (The majority of which were ironically canceled after I left the process), and have recently started developing games based on my own intellectual properties.

With that in mind, I present:

Tidal Fall will be a 2D physics based platformer, set on a magical island which is slowly being consumed by the rising sea. You’ll play as Kole, a stone golem intent on rescuing the island’s elemental inhabitants with the aid of his water-spirit friend, Wight.

(The original sketch of Kole and Wight)

Gameplay will be level-based, each challenge providing exciting and addictive action puzzles in the form of physics-based platforming. The sea is constantly rising, so your goal is to keep Kole above water for as long as possible on the rickety structures dotted around the island.

(Me playing the prototype gameplay. And failing, repeatedly)

The game will follow a rich and compelling storyline, introducing memorable and endearing characters along the way. With storytelling as much a core focus as gameplay, I’m putting extra effort into making this world feel real and intriguing.

It’s still early in the process, but I think it’s time to take Tidal Fall from the concept stage into active development. It’s being targeted at mobile platforms, but should translate nicely onto PC or even consoles. You can expect updates every week here, or you can follow me on twitter to never miss a post: twitter.com/fanatic_studios

That’s all for now, comments and questions are all welcome! [:)]


Total Posts: 3

Joined 2016-03-20


Toodles, y’all o/

The focus character of Tidal Fall, a stone golem named Kole, came to mind immediately after I dreamt up the core game mechanic.  It seemed fitting that a being completely made out of rock would want to escape the oncoming tide: one false step, and he would sink like a stone (literally).

(An early sketch of Kole running up the Kopse Mountains)

Back when I was unsure of what art style to use, I did a few test renders of Kole in a low-poly style. I’ve always loved minimalistic art, but it didn’t really gel with the feel of the world.

In the render above and in Kole’s original drawing, his arms and feet were connected to his torso by way of the Lifeforce, a mystical energy that keeps the elements balanced and gives life to the creatures of the island. After seeing it in-game though, I decided that the Lifeforce should be focused solely on his eyes, giving them a more prominent focus.

I should have another video out by next week, depending on a lot of factors. Maybe even a demo, if things go smoothly [;)]


Total Posts: 3

Joined 2016-03-20


Toodles, y’all! o/

Wight the water-spirit goes way, way back to my very first draft of Kastor. At that time the game was a room-based world with JRPG-like controls, a little like the original Legend of Zelda game. Wight was intended to be a test character, a placeholder for the heroes in the final build.

(The original Wight sprite (Gah, that rhymes) compared to a later sketch)

I wanted to have wight explain the game mechanics to the player, in a more interactive tutorial than the one currently in the game. However, time restraints kicked in and I had to abandon that plan, leaving Wight free to be used in other projects.

At first he seems an unlikely companion for Kole, as the game’s whole premise is about escaping water. But wight is in just as much danger as his best friend: The seas he used to call home have turned against him, threatening to swallow the only known landmass in his world. As the story unfolds, Wight will realise he no longer has control of the tide, prompting him to join Kole in his quest to save the island.

At first I was going to render Wight as a sprite (there’s the rhyme again!), using still frames rendered from a 3D physics engine. While the animation managed to portray the fluid, ever-changing nature of a water-spirit, the 3D graphics looked horrendously out of place beside the hand-painted style used in the rest of the game.

(A very early test to determine how a water-spirit’s physics would appear. A very early test)

After a bit of messing around, I eventually decided to use a particle system to simulate his form. While not as “drippy” as the test render, it still comes across as being fluid, and constantly in motion.

(Wight’s current style)

Having the ability to hover, Wight will be a great help to Kole as he tries to stay above the tide. I can also imagine some fun mechanics to implement if he becomes a playable character (Or rather, when he becomes a playable character [:P]).


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