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Ultimate Revolution Kickstarter Trailer

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Joined 2016-03-05



Support us on kickstarter.


We are rebuilding the game everyone knows and everyone loves. (FLAWLESSLY)
We have 4 Classes; Warrior, Priest, Rogue, Mage.

-We have done business in numerous fields as a team for years including TV commercials and R&D projects. But no matter what we are dealing with, what gives us the energy to make that work was the thought of “WE CAN”. Sure, why couldn’t we? Let’s speak about the game… Making a game was an issue we have never dealt with before. We all have played different MMORPG’s at some time but for us, who love to create, none of them could have been the “game of our life”. When we were playing one, we have always hankered after the other. But 6 months ago, an idea appeared out of nowhere as if it was arranged; “Why are we not creating a game”. A game that features the good sides of all MMORPG’s and that has many brand new features. The answer is simple for sure, plenty of time and big money is needed. We could make some progress of course but it did not seem possible to overcome this issue properly. After a little consideration, we decided to make pre-sales with Kickstarter, thus we could provide financial opportunity to make the game. The file that you can download from our web site may be considered as a pre pre pre alpha because it belongs to a map and phyical test of the game performed 3 months ago. The following progress is not suitable for publishing right now because it is prepared in ccordance with online system. As far as we calculated, the amount of money we need is 180-200 thousand dollars which is not even one twentieth of the amount of money being spent in similar games. -We already bear a certain part of cost of th game and need your support for the rest.

That’s how Kickstarter works, you choose the stuff you want to have (game, game+access to alpha level, gifts, etc.) in the project you want to support and declare that you will pay the total amount .
If the project reaches the requested amount, money will be drew out from your account, otherwise you will pay nothing. This means if the project can not reach its target you will lose nothing.
All we want from you is to believe us and yourself.
If you are in, we are ready.



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