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Article Idea


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Joined 2006-07-30


Not like you all probably want unsolicited story ideas, but I had an idea for an article that I think could be very interesting.  I have noticed when playing casual HOG-type games, that in the credits almost everyone involved appears to have a Russian or Eastern European name (there are very rare exceptions to this, like the Big Fish Studios games).  I have not noticed this to be true of other types of games, more traditional adventures included.  It makes me wonder, is there some kind of renaissance of gaming in Russia or are there HOG sweatshops just cranking out product (similar to Korean animators)?  It would be interesting to find out, but I don’t know who could but you guys.


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I don’t mind suggestions at all, but I really don’t think there’s an article’s worth of answer, I’m afraid.  It’s not quite your sweatshop scenario, but as I understand it, the fact is that it’s simply cheaper to make games in (at least many parts of) Eastern Europe. Lower cost of living, lower salaries, etc., means the same budget stretches farther than it would in the US, UK, or other places like that.

There may not be that many full-fledged adventure game developers (though there are still plenty), but I know that some developers have outsourced various parts of development (mainly art-related, I believe) to Eastern European studios for the same reason.


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