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Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations?


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This game released in Dec 2015 is described as “Sam and Max style but with added combat”. Reviews also mention Telltale and describe it as an adventure game.

These games based on shows can sometimes end up being awful so has anyone played it? There’s a trailer but it doesn’t really give much clue to how much adventuring there is and how much combat. If it’s good I’m willing to give it a go as I like the show.


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I’ve not played it, but there are some let’s play videos of it on youtube.

I flicked through that fairly quickly, and it seemed to favour adventuring over combat. I don’t have a completely informed view of the balance though.


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Grabbed this months ago at a reduced price and finished it. I posted this on Reddit:

One thing I really like about the PS4 is that I’m seeing lots of adventure games on store shelves again. I walked into an EB Games and saw this sitting alongside Brothers, The Talos Principle and Broken Sword 5.

I couldn’t turn down an Adventure Time adventure game especially since the “investigations” part brought up the connotation of an Ace Attorney experience. I was nicely surprised because it was just a straight up point and click akin to something Telltale may have made before The Walking Dead. I’m up to the third case and the puzzles are easy - the moments where I’ve been stumped were caused by a new hot spot opening up that hadn’t been available prior.

Solutions are hinted at without much subtly so it’s clear that it all skews to a younger audience. I think the designers were going for something a parent could play with their child and there’s content that will be appreciated by both parties. There’s combat because I imagine Jake and Finn would become restless without some wanton violence. However, these are very straight forward beat ‘em up segments that do not impede the pacing of the adventure.

Thinking about it now - there’s not a lot I remember. There’s one great sequence of running gags involving Lemongrab and I just love the general attitude of Adventure Time. Skews very young though.


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