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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Friday 17 August 2012


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Can you hear that sound? That was H.P. Lovecraft rolling in his grave. Not exactly the funniest guy to be around, and not a big fan of games either, Lovecraft might not have approved of a character named Yog-Soggoth (a mix of “Yog-Sothoth” and “Shoggoth”?), vaguely looking like a mini Cthulhu head attached to a weird Egyptian man, playing Twister. Then again, Sam & Max wouldn’t be Sam & Max if they respected anything.

(I can’t believe it’s been two years since The City that Dares not Sleep was released… Time really flies. I don’t think I’ve replayed The Devil’s Playhouse since it was originally released; I really should do that soon.)


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That contains really nice information , Kuru.

but when are gonna get to the surface again, or you still have plans for digging more deeper Wink


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