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What happened to Kheops studios?

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The two Return to Mysterious Island games are my fav.
ECHO, Cleopatra, Treasure Island and Nostradamus are very enjoyable too.
OMG why did they have to close down Frown( thought their games were selling well.


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charmed23 - 07 November 2012 05:50 PM

a guy on FB just told me the company closed down this past January.
Most devastating. Cry

That guy was me. Grin
To answer your reply - a very few studio closures get press release, its good if some website notices to make a news point.

To repeat what i said in fb:
“Unfortunately it was closed in January 2012. LinkedIn shows that last people, founders, left then.” Additionally, as Gabe correctly mentioned, their webpage (and games’ websites) is down and this is always a bad sign.

For me Kheops closure is one of the worst news (dtp survived after all) of otherwise great adventure-news year 2012.


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Very bad news.
But not unexpected. They simply (possibly their publishers) just did not know anything about marketing. I would’ve loved to give them around $40 for their catalogue, but at their prices I could of bought every adventure title on gamersgate for what it would’ve cost. Not a sale or a bundle that I ever saw. Actually, one of the last things on their FB is a 50% off sale, but it was too rich for me still at those prices. They need to get on some bundle site, I remember they were moderately indie, at least they called themselves an independant studio.

My favourite has to be Return to mysterious Island, for using Syberia’s Voice actor and its delightful tie-in to the books. Journey to the Moon, just for being awesome. Dracula 3 for its story. And I could not leave Safecracker out of any list, as one of the adventures that I played when just getting into the genre, and the game still most synonymous with puzzle adventure for me.


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