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Adventure Game Scene of the Day - Saturday, 10 October


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Joined 2007-07-22


With Armikrog, claymation is back in business, so let’s turn our attention to The Dream Machine. I feel it’s strongly overlooked, indie game. I finished the first chapter and thought it’s delightful so far.


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It is delightful and there are five episodes out now and they get more inventive with each one.  That screenshot is from one of the latter episodes.


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Ep.5 this shot comes from.

Great game, as Dara said, gets better with each episode.
problem now; is it must be played online, due piracy concerns, and regular updates.


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I like The Dream Machine. From what I remember, I agree that each chapter is more ambitious than the last (except maybe chapter 2). There’s one more chapter still in development.


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