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The Order 1886


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I want to congratulate the thousand or so people who worked on The Order 1886. Fantastic realism in the cut scenes and all the art, in fact. There was also plenty of shooting for people who love guns and the rough and tumble scenes were great and natural. I remember talk about making movies in future that the audience can actually participate in instead of just watch and this has the very early signs of that. There was awkwardness of movement sometimes when Galahad was crouching. But then, it is never easy to shoot and crouch, is it?

Ironically, after all the beautiful scenes and compelling story, they seemed to skimp on the ending, which was too abrupt including the part that came up after the credits. Or maybe I just didn’t want it to end and am hoping for a sequel.

If there is a part two, there ought to be three women contenders for Galahad’s affections: Izzy who is sure to be a Lycan and will try to kill him, the rebel leader and her faithful servant who might be the real Queen in the end.

This game is cutting edge and underappreciated by media. I give it an 8 out of 10.


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